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A major goal for many podcasters is to have as many regular listeners as they can. One and a sure way to ensure this is by keeping your listeners updated of new episodes. Converting them to subscribers is a key! Having a podcast jingle that will ask or remind them to subscribe and how to do it can help boost the numbers. If you don’t have one yet, we’d love to help you create it!

10 Scripts For Podcasters That Ask Their Listeners To Subscribe

Ready to create your podcast jingle but don’t know what words to use? We’ve compiled a few sample scripts for you. Simply replace MRC Podcast with your own podcast name or you can just use these as inspiration for coming up with your own:

  • Thank you for being a part of the MRC Podcast hosted by MRC. Subscribe on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud to get your weekly updates.
  • You’re listening to the MRC Podcast with MRC host 1 and MRC host 2. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.
  • Thanks for listening to the MRC Podcast. Join the conversation today… download & subscribe for free on iTunes.
  • Subscribe to the MRC Podcast for free now on iTunes.
  • Don’t forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes and leave a rating and review. See you on our next episode!
  • Don’t want to miss any episode in the future? Go to iTunes, search for MRC Podcast, and subscribe!
  • Thanks for listening to the MRC Podcast. Make sure you subscribe on iTunes or get the app for your mobile device.
  • You have been listening to the MRC Podcast. To get our freebies, head over to our website and subscribe to our mailing list now!
  • Tune in for the next episode. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and follow us on Facebook.
  • Like what you hear? Subscribe to the MRC Podcast on iTunes and get new episodes as they become available.

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Ready to create your podcast jingle? Choose a voice from our amazing team of voice talents and our skilled audio producers will do their magic to create your podcast jingle.


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