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Jazz radio shows are not just popular among jazz lovers; they are also appreciated by anyone who is looking for some sounds to relax and unwind. A good set of jazz radio jingles is a must-have if you want to stand out among other jazz radio stations. We’ve produced countless radio jingles for different kinds of radio stations and shows, including jazz. We love creating jazz radio jingles that will seamlessly and smoothly fit into your station’s jazz sounds.

10 Smooth And Easy Scripts For Jazz Radio Jingles

Do you want to put in something special in your broadcasts? A well-produced radio jingle can be just it. Here are a few scripts that are perfect for jazz radio stations. Simply change MRC Radio with your own radio station/show name:

  • MRC Radio, with smooth jazz and much more online.
  • Playing the best of smooth jazz with your hosts at MRC Radio.
  • MRC Radio, where soul and jazz meet tongue in cheek… on MRC FM.
  • Playing smooth jazz and more all day and through the night, commercial free… MRC Radio.
  • Smooth jazz and more… all day every day… from MRC Radio.
  • Wherever you are… on the road, in your home, or at work, let us keep you company with the best romantic jazz, MRC Radio.
  • The best soul, jazz funk, acid jazz, and soulful house. This is MRC Radio on MRC FM.
  • Welcome to two hours of the best soul, jazz funk, acid jazz, and soulful house. This is MRC Radio.
  • Sit back, relax, and unwind with MRC Radio, bringing you smooth jazz and more, 24/7.
  • MRC Radio, bringing you the best in jazz, funk, soul, and disco.

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