Radio production

Radio production

Radio Producers

Radio producers are the people who, in the majority of cases, work ‘behind the scenes’ and are not known to the audience of a radio station. In this article I hope to sum up what radio producers do and answer what is radio production?

Radio Production

There are different types of radio production so let’s be clear about each.

Audio Production – A an audio producer creates jingles, sweepers, promos and station imaging much like we do here at Music Radio Creative. The role involves scripting audio, creating audio (such as fx, music and speech) and inventing new creative ways to get a message across in a limited amount of time.

Show Production – Radio show producers work closely with the presenter of a radio show to come up with interesting content including researching topics, features, call in ideas and looking after the live show by watching song timings, choosing callers to put on air and keeping the presenter on topic. Producers of radio shows will often do a little audio production in their role too. Tasks can include creating daily promos for the show and writing scripts.