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Thinking up cool radio show names can be time consuming so we’ve made it easy for you. Use our random radio show name generator to get some of the best radio show names.

 Radio Show Name Ideas

The best way to come up with radio show names is to create a list of all the thoughts you have related to the show. Think about the music you’ll play, the time of day and the theme to the show. Will it be talk based or will you play dance music? Is it a breakfast show or late night show? Do you have guests or are you crazy on air? Good radio show names don’t have to be complicated. Some of the biggest and best radio shows in the world are simple like “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” or “The James Whale Show“.

Funny Radio Show Names

If your show has a cheek, something unique about it – express it! Providing you are not offending anyone and bring a genuine smile onto a listener’s face – you have a green light! Here are couple of cheeky a radio show names for you: “The Eargasm” and “Aural Pleasure“.

Morning Show Names

Morning Show (Breakfast radio) is one of the most important and most listened to time slots on the radio. Getting this one right – sets a tone for the whole day! Some of the biggest morning shows in the world have very simple show names.

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show – Z100
The Big Show with Scott and Todd – WPLJ
Rob Lucas in the Morning – WTSS

You could consider morning show names like:

  • Sunrise
  • The Morning Zoo
  • The Breakfast Show
  • The Wake Up Crew
  • The Breakfast Club
  • Mornings
  • The Morning Show
  • Morning Jungle with…
  • Waking You Up Every Day
  • Pulling Your Eyelids Open
  • Mornings You Love with…
  • It’s morning! Who You Gonna’ call?
  • Morning Dew

Would you like to get opinion of fellow radio pros? Why not ask in our community! We can help with radio imaging ideas too, just get in touch with our team!


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  1. Hey mike this is a great blog I wanted to know .. what would be a good name for a late night show of south Asian /Arab Americans all in English.

  2. I am looking for a radio show name for internet radio. we are called Texican Radio and yes we are from Texas.We play a mix of Tejano,Country, Rock, R&B, and anything else our listeners want to here .any suggestions. And we do stream live.

  3. Hi mike this is a fantastic article you’ve written here….so basically I have to make a programme pitch to my boss so I can get on air and I have been confused but then something came to my mind “Youth Rendezvous”…. Because am a youth and fresh out of college ….and I want to get accross to youths like me….so what do you think?

  4. im recently going to start my radio show i go by Wendy La Guerrera in englishit translate to Wendy the Warrior but i don’t know how to name my show combining my name please help

  5. Wow! Been awhile since recent post? Plati2shea is what I may want to name my radio show . . . what do you honestly think?

  6. I got to do a radio show in my school nd I was thing to name it ‘global mania’…. What do u think how it is?

  7. Hi guys .. I am lucky to find you.. I am doing small research on radio shows names and I need an answer to this question. . What are the advantages and disadvantages of using presenter name as the name of the show ? Thanks

  8. I want to host a radio talk show that is to be presented during the morning hours. I thought about it being named ” The Chew”. What do you think about it?

  9. i am starting my show which is afternoon show,please suggest better name for my show…my show based on women…i hope u reply soon

  10. i’m having an unplugged live acoustic session in my afternoon radio show, i’m wondering what could be the title of the show.

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