The New Rodecaster Pro 2 For Podcasters And Youtubers

Home content creators know only too well the challenges that arise when trying to produce clear, professional-sounding audio. Attempting to create the perfect audio set-up is difficult unless you have expensive equipment to help and lots of free time to spend in post-production to clean up your recordings. But, Australian audio maker RODE has come to the rescue with the release of their all-new RODECaster Pro 2, so nothing needs to stand in the way of your creativity. 

Who Is RØDECaster Pro II Designed For?

The answer is super simple. Podcasters, streamers, YouTubers and content creators. People who have potentially limited experience with audio interfaces (although this doesn’t mean that the features are basic!). What we love is the easy, compact design that makes it easy to use by both pros and beginners. The console is also small which makes it extremely attractive for recording on the move. Ideal for recordings on the move or even small office space.

RØDECaster Pro II Features

  • Fully integrated audio production studio. And the best part – it works!
  • Studio-grade APHEX® audio processing and build in effects – we have dived deep into those and are impressed. So much so that we have considered ditching 90% of our studio equipment in favour of it (watch the video below).
  • Four Neutrik® combo inputs for connecting microphones – yes this means you can have four hosts/guests connected to this mini power house at the same time.
  • New features available via firmware updates – this makes RODE extremely responsive to user feedback and any fixes are dealt with efficiently.
  • World-class Revolution Preamps™ deliver superior audio quality – ultra low noise and high gain. (-131.5dBV EIN, 76dB gain)
  • Nine individually assignable channels with six broadcast-quality physical faders and three virtual faders
  • Eight fully programmable SMART pads with bank switching
  • Phone call integration
  • USB-C connections for your computers/mobile devices
  • Build-in microSD slot for those important back ups
  • Four headphone outputs

Why Buy The RODECaster PRO 2?

  1. It’s Suitable For All Content Creators – While the original RODECaster Pro was aimed at podcasters, RODECaster Pro II has expanded its reach to all audio content creators. It is designed for podcasters, YouTubers, gamers, and anyone who works in audio production.
  2. Compact On Size, Big On Features – We love how the UX of this little power house delivers on looks, practicality and cutting edge features.
  3. Studio in One Box – It is everything you need in just one audio production tool.

Wondering whether it is worth investing in the new RODECaster Pro 2? If you want to streamline your set-up and enjoy the benefits of working with just one audio production tool, the answer is a definite yes.

Want to learn more about this new addition to the RODE family? Check out our video to discover the best settings for the RODECaster Pro 2!


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  1. Hi Mike, does the rodecaster pro2 have audio ducking, I host radio shows and as you know ducking is quite important, I use playit live for my music & beds, and would like the audio to duck while I’m talking

  2. Hi Mike, Thanks in advance for this . Maybe you can make a video with the sE 2200 Studio Condensor Microphone. I realy appreciate If Do! Regards Jeff

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