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YouTube users are spending an average of 19 minutes daily on the platform. YouTube’s tally of 1.7bn unique monthly visitors, YouTube simply isn’t a force you can afford to ignore. In the US, well over half (62%) of its browsers access YouTube daily. (Source: Hootsuite.) 

And while it may sound obvious, it can be easy to forget that, as well as looking good, videos on YouTube have to sound great. As long as your content is excellent, most viewers will be surprisingly forgiving of a bit of rough-and-ready video production. Not so if your sound is below-par. After all, humans are auditory beings. 

That means that, as well as offering words or music someone will actually want to listen to, audio quality has to be of a sky-high standard. Great audio can make all the difference between viewers listening and watching to the end of your video, and clicking away in the early seconds. It also means it’s more likely that they’ll come back to your channel to watch other films in the future. 

Sound engages audiences, helps provide information and makes for better production values. It also evokes emotional responses in listeners, heightens mood and enhances and complements what people are seeing in the video. When put to the right use, sound effects, words, music, and sometimes even silence, can make a dramatic difference to the overall quality of your video. 

How Can I Improve The Quality Of My Audio

If you’re recording a video for YouTube, the good news is that there are few easy things you can do to make it sound better. 

  • Make sure background audio doesn’t overpower

This may sound obvious, but it’s surprising how easily this piece of advice is forgotten. If you’re recording a voice over, keep your background audio volume well below the sound of your voice. We have a handy tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro users here.

  • Keep volume levels consistent

Again, this is surprisingly often forgotten. Keep all your audio at a similar volume. Don’t have it suddenly getting louder or softer. Audio mastering tutorial for Premiere Pro here if you need a hand!

  • Remember the importance of vocal projection 

This is another key point. If you talk too quietly, you won’t have a great end result. Learn how to project or throw your voice so that it’s clear and loud enough to be heard comfortably and no one has to strain to catch your words. 

  • Choose the right microphone

It’s worth getting the best-quality microphone your budget allows. One alternative if your budget is especially tight is to hold your smartphone close to your mouth and talk into the onboard mic, although the end result may not be quite as good as with a higher-end mic. If your audio has already been recorded, make sure to check out Studio Sound – and AI powered technology that improves any audio in seconds for free. Full tutorial here.

  • Record in the right place 

The room in which you record should have the best possible acoustics, to stop other sounds affecting your recording. (You can also use a professional-quality noise remover to get a crystal-clear voiceover.) We literally have hundreds of videos on how to remove noise on our YouTube channel. If you are after a one click solution and are using Premiere Pro presets – check out our audio presets here and remove noise in seconds!

Alternatively – Leave It To The Audio Professionals

If you feel you don’t have the capacity or experience to record the best-quality audio for your YouTube video, or simply don’t have the time, talk to us. Our team can help you with your custom audio requirements, from voice overs and jingles to royalty-free music and more. Get in touch today. 


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