Valentine’s day is coming up and some good romantic love songs are just what many radio listeners will be looking for. Get your listeners in the mood by playing the music they want together with some awesome Valentine’s Day radio jingles. Make sure your radio station sounds ready for Valentine’s day. We make all kinds of radio jingles for any kind of occasion – Valentine’s Day included!

10 Short And Sweet Scripts For Valentine’s Day Radio Jingles

Put more love in the air on Valentine’s Day by playing classic love songs and romantic music for your listeners. Make sure you have the right radio jingles to help you sound better. Here are a few scripts you can use. Just change MRC Radio with your own radio station/show name.

  • Let’s love it up… with Valentine’s Day on MRC Radio.
  • MRC Radio… the best love songs this Valentine’s Day.
  • MRC Radio… late night love songs… between the sheets.
  • The Valentine’s Day love zone on MRC Radio.
  • More ballads. More love songs. This Valentine’s Day… here on MRC Radio.
  • You’re listening to the love zone… one hour of the finest love songs, your requests, dedications, and special mentions. This is MRC Radio.
  • Playing the best romantic jazz this Valentine’s day… MRC Radio.
  • Taking you back with all your favourite love classics on MRC Radio.
  • It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy all your favourite romance classics… here on MRC Radio.
  • Get it on… this Valentine’s Day with the best and hottest love songs… on MRC Radio.

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