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Do You Have DJ Drops To Keep Your Listeners In Suspense?

Keeping listeners in suspense is one of the things that DJs like to do. The goal is to maintain the fun and excitement while listening to DJ mixes. One way to do this is to include some well-produced DJ drops that will help keep your listeners in suspense.

Where To Get Free DJ Drops?

We love supporting DJs and the work that they do. Many DJs all over the world have trusted us to create their DJ drops. To give back, we have DJ drops available for free every week. Here are a few good ones that will help you keep your listeners in suspense:

  • Are you ready for some damage – Candice
  • Get ready to mashup the place – Natalie
  • Hold on tight, we are in the overdrive – Ryan
  • It’s time to crank it up – James
  • The wait is over – Pete

Ready for some custom DJ drops?

If your needs have gone beyond these free DJ drops, we’d love to create custom ones for you! Let’s put our creative minds together and talk about what you need. Learn more about our jingles for DJs here –


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