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Scheduling podcasts can be one of the most time-saving things you can do in a podcasting workflow.

Why Is It Important to Schedule a Podcast?

Remember, podcast listeners love consistency, just like radio listeners. I know that my favourite technology programme, BBC Click, will be on the BBC World Service at 6:30 every Tuesday afternoon. That way, I can make time to listen to it. As podcasters, scheduling will allow us to release an episode at exactly the same time each week or each day.

How To Scheduling a Podcast

We schedule our episodes using the awesome schedule feature on Spreaker. It’s easy to upload your MP3 file and then set a time in the future for it to publish on Spreaker. Most of popular podcast hosting companies also have the same feature available. You can then copy the download link to your uploaded episode, and paste it into the Podcast Episode enclosure inside your WordPress show notes.

Scheduling Podcast Promotion

You may want to consider scheduling some promotion for your podcast episodes too. You can do this using Hootsuite or Buffer and pre-schedule some tweets and/or posts for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more!


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