How to Make a Podcast RSS Feed the Easy Way with WordPress Podcasting rss feed Music Radio Creative

How do you create a podcast feed for your podcast? It’s easier than you think, and requires very little technical knowledge:

  1. Get a self-hosted WordPress site ‒ you’ll need this if you want to create your own podcast RSS feed. I recommend signing up to a hosting company, such as Bluehost, to get started. Bluehost allows a one-click install of a WordPress site, so you don’t need to worry about downloading files, uploading them via FTP, or setting up MySQL databases. Once you’ve signed up to Bluehost, it all happens with just one click of a button!
  2. When your WordPress installation is up and running, head over to the Plugins menu and click on ‘Add Plugin’. Look for the Blubrry PowerPress plugin and install it to WordPress.
  3. Create a podcast and save it as an MP3 file, then upload it to a media host. I recommend Spreaker, as it has free and paid plans, and is easy to use (no technical knowledge required).
  4. Start a new post in WordPress, copy the MP3 file download link from Spreaker, and place it into the ‘Media URL’ field, under Podcast Episode in your new WordPress post.
  5. Give the new post a title, write some show notes, hit publish, and your first episode will be live on your RSS feed, at your domain address followed by /podcast/feed/.

How to Create a Podcast Feed for iTunes

As mentioned in step 5, this is the feed that you submit to iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcast directories. Before you do that, be sure to add your show name and description in the settings of the PowerPress plugin ‒ and you’re good to go!

You can also activate advanced podcast statistics, which I highly recommend signing up for. That way, you can see exactly how many downloads you’re getting for each episode that you create.


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