Tony is an entrepreneur, consultant, coach, speaker, trainer and digital marketer. He’s the founding director of Youth Work Toolbox LTD, a youth engagement agency. He’s also the creator of the 3V Strategy for Business Development and Growth podcast. Tony is passionate about empowering aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to make a smooth transition from employee to business owner,  and to start making a living by doing something they enjoy.

Tony has a background in DJing, music production, sound engineering & recording, and hosted his first community radio show at the age of 15. He works from home now, where he is able to enjoy more time with his wife, Nicola, and their four children.

Top Quotes from Tony Brown:

  • “I came across a number websites, a number of podcasts, etc. and I began to see a whole new world… these people are really doing this thing online.”
  • “So I started blog, I started a podcast, and that really built a platform for me to sort of springboard into self-employment.”
  • “It’s a dream of heart, it’s something I’m passionate about (I love working with young people).”
  • “Vision, Viability, Visibility [3V Strategy].”
  • “I googled how to build a website… and I stumbled across Internet Business Mastery… I had never heard of a podcast before.”
  • [On podcasting] “If I was waiting to perfect the art before I started, I’d still be waiting now.”
  • “I could listen to one podcast on the way to work and one podcast on the way home from work.”
  • [On his biggest success] “Making a transition from employee to self-employed business owner.”
  • “I’m more or less living my dream.”
  • “Sometimes it’s a proven concept, it’s a great idea… but the timing may be wrong.”
  • “I’ve seen a product go from concept to reality.”
  • “Be very clear about who your target market is.”


  • Evernote
  • Garageband
  • Audacity

Key Timestamps:

  • 0:29 – Guest introduction
  • 2:30 – Youth Work Toolbox LTD & 3V Strategy
  • 6:03 – Working as a volunteer
  • 7:39 – 3V Strategy explanation
  • 9:45 – How it all started wth podcasting
  • 13:30 – Inspirations in industry
  • 16:00 – Studio set-up
  • 17:01 – Tools for audio work
  • 20:00 – Organisational tools
  • 22:14 – The biggest success
  • 24:55 -The biggest valuable lesson
  • 25:55 – Advice for people who are starting the journey
  • 29:40 – The most interesting job story
  • 31:32 – Where to find Tony’s podcasts
  • 33:32 – Next week on the Audio Production Show

Want to Hear More from Tony?

Head over to Tony Brown website or check out Youth Work Toolbox. You can also follow him on Twitter: @TonyLBrown3vs. 

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