sung jingles - Cheese

Well, there were certainly some delightfully cheesy jingles on the sixties pirate radio stations and right up to the eighties when local commercial radio was born. They were fun and ‘of the time’ – but boy were they cheesy!

Sung Jingles

Sung jingles don’t have to be cheesy – and they can be a powerful branding and marketing tool that ensures your brand stands out and your message lives on in peoples’ heads. Don’t take my word for it, the UK’s most listened to radio station, BBC Radio 2, has just invested in a brand new commission of sung imaging.

Our new sung jingle packages are modern and effective with a contemporary sound designed to enhance brands of the twenty first century. Radio stations, especially, are having to fight harder than ever for their market share with so many competitors crying out for our ears on today’s crowded wavebands.

Our brand new sung jingles could make your brand stand out as never before…

Let Us Create Great Audio Branding for Your Station


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