Although listeners tune in to hear their favourite songs, radio stations also need to throw in a few jingles and ads in to the mix, in order to keep things fresh. There are several benefits jingles are going to bring to a radio station. For starters, they bring campaign and brand awareness. Jingles will stick in the listener’s minds, unlike a simple talk spot which is going to go in one ear, and right out the other. Jingles also usually have a musical melody, meaning the listener is going to get more out of it when they hear the catchy tune played.

The Benefits of Radio Jingles

Other great benefits of including jingles on air is that they remind the listener of the station they are listening to. A voice over can introduce the station, the type of music, and what the listeners can expect while listening to the station, which keeps them tuned in.

How To Use Radio Jingles

Jingle rotation is a big factor when radio stations choose to add then in to the mix. Radio stations often play jingles into an ad break, as the listener is more likely to stay tuned in; since these catchy tunes are not as annoying as some commercials, they are played in between songs to maintain continuity. Jingles cut through clutter and monotony, making for smoother transitions when getting back to a non-stop music sweep too.

Another great reason to include these catchy tunes in to a radio show is that they do stick in the listener’s head. The fact that they get stuck in your head means they give the station an identity, and since listeners remember them, the station is going to be stuck in their head. Imaging goes a long way if you want your station to compete; therefore, the right mix of jingles, played in the right places, and in the right order, is the magic formula. While many listeners may not directly appreciate jingles and radio imaging they will often subconsciously know which radio station sounds better than the others because of the way the audio branding makes it sound.

Do Listeners Notice Radio Jingles?

There have been studies showing that listeners do care and have an opinion about jingles, and they do remember certain jingles. What kind of jingles do you like and which annoy the hell out of you? Leave a comment with your thoughts.