Pro Podcast Audio Production Techniques : Webinar (6 of 6) Podcasting  Music Radio Creative

Adobe Audition Advanced Editing Techniques was originally a Podcast Mastermind Webinar with Mike Russell & Cliff Ravenscraft on 30 March 2013

SESSION 6 – Pro Podcast Audio Production Techniques

Included in this webinar:

  • Using favorites (previously known as scripts) to speed up tasks in Audition.
  • Ducking music every time a voice comes in on another track – automatically!
  • Recording and syncing a double ender podcast.
  • Adding extra special effects (like reverb, echo and chorus).
  • Organizing your media browser.
  • An introduction to how I make podcast intros and jingles (short example of me putting one together).

If you are looking to outsource the podcast production process then you may want to check our editing services for podcasters.


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