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Izabela and Mike are back on the Music Radio Creative podcast to talk about New Media Expo 2014. An amazing conference for podcasters and more in Las Vegas.

Why No Podcast Last Week?

There was no podcast last week and we explain why that was on this episode. Thank you for asking, “why?” We were working away on the beta launch of the new MRC as mentioned on episode 49 of the podcast. It’s been a long week and there were many functions of the new website we weren’t able to test until it went live at

The final bug fixes are in the hands of our developers and we hope for a speedy conclusion so that we can have a full launch of the new MRC and celebrate with you. We’d love to hear your feedback on progress so far.

The “Year of Podcasting”

We really kick started our podcasting when we went to New Media Expo in Las Vegas at the start of 2013. Pat Flynn, Cliff Ravenscraft and Michael Stelzner are all talking about the hot thing for this year – podcasting. Podcasting is still growing in Europe (many of our listeners are in the UK, Netherlands and Germany) and the place to look at to discover more about the power of podcasting is the USA.

New Media Expo

We had the chance to connect with some amazing people at NMX in Las Vegas:

Cliff Ravenscraft – The Podcast Answer Man – attending NMX gave us an amazing opportunity to meet Cliff. A truly amazing guy who has a passion for podcasting and teaches thousands of people around the world how to podcast.

Pat Flynn – check out Smart Passive Income to find out more about the inspiring Pat Flynn. We went to his meetup this year and had the opportunity to meet many inspiring online entrepreneurs.

Cynthia Sanchez – introduced us to the amazing world of Pinterest and host of the Oh So Pinteresting podcast.

Cesar Abeid – a champion and master of all things new media. Ceasr introduced us to many interesting individuals at NMX 2013!

There were many more that I mentioned back on episode 28.

NMX 2014

We are going, we’ve booked flights and it is going to be at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. This year we are excited to meet more of our talent at Music Radio Creative. Already confirmed are Rachael (who I chatted to on episode 4 of the MRC podcast) and Duke (who lives in Las Vegas and is THE movie trailer voice of Music Radio Creative). We also have some British voice over talent who have said they will do their very best to attend including Jill, Philip, Darren and Helen.

So be ready for a Music Radio Creative meetup in 2014 along with a game of poker or two (it is Vegas!)

Would you like to consider attending NMX 2014? If you can’t make it to Las Vegas you can book a virtual pass.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts on this episode. We always value your feedback and do our best to respond to every comment.


14 Responses

  1. hi mike and Izabella

    I have just got to say that was a brilliant episode after not having one last week that has made up for it. you guys really do work well together.

    I think you should go somewhere in devon

    1. Thanks Liam. Izabela and I are always so grateful for your support.

      The idea of Devon is pretty appealing. The beaches and forests down there are pretty cool!

  2. Fabulous episode guys! Thanks so much for the mention but my podcast and business wouldn’t be where it is now if it weren’t for you. It was meeting you at NMX and if hadn’t invested in a professional intro, I probably would have found excuses not to take podcasting seriously.

    Please count me and Rob in for the Meetup! We wouldn’t miss it for the world.

    As for holiday destinations, I always suggest somewhere tropical with white sandy beaches but since you live so close to the water you might want something different. Texas is very different. How about some time in cowboy boots for Mike and a luxury spa in Dallas for Izabela?

    By the way I vote cocktail time with Izabela is part of every episode.

    1. Thanks so much Cynthia. You are so kind to say that! We’re both really excited that you’ll be speaking at NMX 2014!

      Texas sounds like a really great idea for a holiday. I’m a big fan of the US and yet have never visited Texas 🙂 We need to make plans to visit soon.

      Izabela is slowly making her way into more episodes by way of cocktail bribes. She say’s it ‘loosens up my hosting style’ and means I ‘spend less time editing after recording the podcast’. Can you believe it? 😉

    2. Thanks Cynthia! Already look forward to our meeting in January! I wish Texas was closer – we would be there in no time – I wouldn’t mind getting into a cowboys world lifestyle for a change.

      And yes Mike needs more cocktails on the podcast 😛 That is decided then!

    1. I appreciate the feedback Shishir. Thank you for taking the time to listen and post a comment.

  3. Now we know how many Ummms you usually say, but get edited out 🙂

    Having said that I don’t think it was excessive or bad and I’m sure you saved a lot of time in editing.

    I am somewhat puzzled though as you say your background is in radio and you’re used to heavily editing things. Surely radio is predominantly live, so therefore how would one edit ummmms out of a live radio broadcast?

    Love the new website design by the way.

    1. Thanks Richard!

      It’s true that live radio is unedited and raw. I was referring more to radio production where you are expected to cut every single breath, umm, ahh and click out of the audio. It’s a hard habit to shake when editing the podcast but I’m pleased that you think it sounds OK without any post production (apart from adding in the intro and outro).

      Great to hear you like the new website 🙂

  4. Hey Mike & Izabela!

    Great Podcast! You guys do have listeners from the United States! I’m one of them! (Specifically from California) I wanted to ask? You see I’ve started podcasting in March of 2012, and my listener rating is slowly going up but I want to start networking and I would like (if I could?) get some sponsorship’s? (To make revenue or possibly a second job from it) My passions are in radio and in Journalism, so I do feel obligated to bring content on the daily basis. I currently live in a small town 3 hours between San Francisco & Los Angeles, so not a lot of exposure? Would the Las Vegas New Media Expo help? Any Advice? Thanks A Lot!


    1. Thanks Ray.

      I would highly recommend New Media Expo to learn more about these topics such as podcast sponsorship and promotion. You’ll be in great company and making the journey from California should be pretty straight forward. Izabela and I plan to spend some time in California after NMX in 2014 so see you there?

      The best thing I can say is go and connect with like minded podcasters in Vegas. You will not regret it 🙂

    2. I couldn’t agree more with Mike! NMX is a great place for networking and meeting like-minded people. You will definitely learn more about how to look for sponsors and effective ways of podcast promotion.

      I hope we can see you there Ray!

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