How to get started in radio, using the power of internet marketing to promote yourself as a voice over talent and an ISDN alternative. Mike Russell chats with Rachael West, American female voice over talent, about being seen and heard everywhere!

Getting Into Radio

Rachael has an interesting story about her first experience with radio and describes the process of starting as a freshman in college, progressing to a promo girl and finally landing that dream gig on the air. She also has some great advice if you’re looking to start a career in the radio industry.

What Is Radio Like Today?

With more and more computer software running radio station output is there still room for new talent to emerge? Rachael describes a process that many in the radio industry will be familiar with of starting out covering every show available (from weekends to evenings and the overnight show too). The numbers game always has been a big part of an on air talent’s future especially with Arbitron’s introduction of portable people meters (PPM) emerging in the USA over the last few years. Good talent can sometimes fall because it’s all about numbers – is a job ever for life in radio?

Starting Your Own Radio / Voice Over Business

In 2008, Rachael departed full time radio to follow the dream of working for herself. She talks about it in detail in the podcast. If you’re looking to start your own business here are some of Rachael’s top tips:

  • Market Yourself
    Use the power of internet marketing to get seen and heard.
  • Social Media
    Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn should be a part of your online marketing toolkit.
  • Pinpoint Partners
    Online you can find the people who need you right now.
  • You Are Unique
    Find out what’s unique about you and your voice and include it in your marketing campign.
  • Learn Business
    You also need to learn to become a business person when you work for yourself!

Check out Rachael’s website to see how a true pro links it all together online.

ISDN Alternative

The most common way to send and receive voice overs today is using mp3 of wav files via email or uploaded via ftp. In this episode Rachael and I discuss the fact that some audio producers still like to have a phone patch so they can listen in and direct the voice talent and, in some cases, ISDN is still a necessity. There is an alternative to getting an ISDN line installed in your home or office and it’s called Source Connect.

Podcast Cross Promotion

If you’re a fan of voice overs, radio and all things audio you should check out a podcast I found recently (even though it’s been going since 2008). It’s called The Producers Podcast and is hosted by American audio producer Ryan Drean. He talks to some amazing names in the audio production industry including some of my heroes Dave Foxx (voice of Z100), Ben Neidle (former voice of Xfm London) and Sandy Beech (jingle producer for Capital FM London in the 1990s and one of my inspirations to get into this industry!)

Voice Overs from Rachael

Visit Music Radio Creative to listen to her demo and order voice overs and jingles online. It’s simple just type in your script, select any production you’d like and checkout instantly.

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