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NMX has just concluded in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here’s a look back at some of the sessions with Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative.

Live from Las Vegas

This podcast was thought up and created in Las Vegas but it feels no different to podcast producing from home thanks to the wonders of modern technology it’s so easy to edit on the move using good quality equipment like the Blue Microphones Mikey and the Roland R-05 not to mention my iPad.

It’s really easy to edit on the iPad and the choice of digital audio editors that allow for multitrack editing is amazing. I’d need Adobe Audition to add more advanced effects in my studio but for speech and music mixing while travelling the iPad is the perfect companion for podcast production.

New Media Expo

NMX has proven to be a fantastic conference for the blogging, podcasting and web TV community and I strongly recommend that you consider attending next year. It used to happen twice a year on the two different coasts of the USA but now everyone can focus on one great event in Las Vegas – home to cheap hotel rooms, gambling, drinks and shows – it’s a surreal place!

I enjoyed every session I attended, far too many to mention in this podcast, here are just a few:

  • Jenn Swanson and Peder Aadhal presented a compelling argument on how the size of your community increases when you podcast in addition to blogging. I can say that this is true. Why not get started by having your blog posts converted into audio by the professional team at Music Radio Creative?
  • Jaime Tardy from the Eventual Millionaire podcasts gave a session about finding grate guests to interview on your podcast. A great way to create regular podcast content by reaching out to experts in your field.
  • Reach a global audience with Mark Pentleton, Matthew Workman, Farnoosh Brock and Karin Hoegh opens your eyes to the amount of potential listeners around the world that your podcast can attract. My statistics show 125 different countries tuning in with my top countries being Australia, Canada, Lebanon, Untied States and, of course, the United Kingdom.
  • Cliff Ravenscraft the Podcast Answer Man organized the podcasting speakers at NMX and also presented a fantastic session on marketing your podcast. He was also heavily involved in the Podcast Awards ceremony which was emceed by Leo Laporte. Cliff has created a ton of podcasts – just type his name into iTunes and see!
  • Rob Walch of Wizzard Media / Libsyn gave me some fantastic ideas on how to podcast more often from my iPad. I think computers will be a thing of the past soon the way that technology is going.
  • Cesar Abeid mentioned the benefits of being first to podcast in your niche. I enjoy his Construction Industry podcast – compelling, interesting and exciting to listen to – even though I know little about the subject matter Cesar makes it an easy listen.
  • Social media expert Erik Fisher of Beyond The To Do List – a great productivity podcast – gave a speech about Facebook. We’re all concerned about how much our posts are showing up to others on the social network and it’s been great to learn more about Facebooks ‘Edge Rank’ algorithm.
  • Profiting from your podcast was presented by Jason Van Orden and Jeremy Frandsen two podcasters that changed my life when I started listening to Internet Business Mastery. They’ve been podcasting since 2005!
  • Leslie Samuel told me how to podcast and never edit. I wish I could do everything in one take but alas post production is a large part of my podcasting process.
  • Perhaps a virtual assistant could produce my podcast? Jonathan Shank mentioned how to do this and has a podcast on the topic. I’d still create the ideas, content and audio but it’d be good to have the audio editing process covered.

That’s it for NMX 2013. Where you there? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

I hope to see you next year at NMX.


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  1. It was great meeting you this week Mike! I love your podcast and Youtube videos! I downloaded a trial of Audition and am using your videos to learn how to use it! Thank you!!!

    1. Nick it was great to meet you too. Both Izabela and I had a blast in Las Vegas and are already looking forward to the next NMX!

  2. Lovely to meet you at Cliff’s event, and your lovely wife too. Thanks for the mention, and perhaps see you again next year? I’m already looking forward to the next #NMX.

    1. Thanks Jenn. Yes you can count on seeing us at the next NMX. We’re already excitedly planning next year’s trip out to Vegas!

    1. Thanks Leslie. I’m a fan of your podcast – the intro about ‘Google having a mood swing’ always makes me smile – especially impressed that you can do the whole podcast in one smooth first take! Hope to meet you next year.

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