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5 reasons why radio presenters should start podcasting with Mike Russell and Ben Adam-Smith (from Regen Media). If you’re working in radio start a podcast!

Ben joined me on episode 8 of the Music Radio Creative podcast to talk about radio and podcast interview techniques. He’s back to talk with me about our shared journey from radio into the world of podcasting. Ben has his own video production company Regen Media and is also podcasting about his goal to create an energy efficient home by 2016.

1. You own your podcast brand and have creative freedom

Starting a podcast means you own your brand, the domain name, the content and no one else is telling you what to do or say. You can build your own audience and connect and engage them directly and not through a radio station brand.

Google’s head of webspam – Matt Cutts even mentioned in a blog interview, “the entire podcasting industry is often based around this idea of doing interviews or even just people in conversations” and that, “interviews can be a fantastic way to build awareness of your brand and to generate and distribute insights”.

2. You have a passion for creating valuable audio content

If you work in radio you already love creating audio content and have a passion for talking on the air. At the hivio radio ideas conference in San Diego recently Mark Ramsey talks about radio’s attention crisis.

This could be another reason why radio hosts and radio stations should be looking at the podcasting platform as a place to distribute unique audio content and not repackaged radio shows (as seems to be the case with many radio stations right now).

3. You can still get a similar fix to radio but focus on a niche

You can become an expert in your hobby or your passion and get that radio buzz (which is the reason many of us started broadcasting on the radio) while podcasting to a targeted audience and inviting them to interact with you on your own social media channels.

4. You have many of the skills you will need

If you’re a creative person you can get business right eventually. Stick at running your own podcast and new media business and you’ll get better every day. I mention that having a supportive partner (could be your other half or a business partner) will really help you to develop your ideas into a reality. Find someone who compliments your own skills.

I’m so lucky to work with my wife Izabela who understands business so well, hires all of our new recruits and watches over customer service and company finances. This allows me to focus on the creative and marketing aspects of Music Radio Creative.

5. Radio is not a stable job

Ben and I were both let go from our radio jobs on the same day. You never know what your future will be when you’re on the air relying on listening figures to come in.

Ben’s wife hated him working in radio because she felt the management treated on air talent badly. There are not many people who have had a steady and stable career in the radio industry.

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If you’re working in radio right now, perhaps doing a daily on air gig, what is stopping you from starting your own podcast? Leave a comment and both Ben Adam-Smith and I will make sure to respond to every single comment.


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  1. Really good podcast, I’ll suggest this to my friend after we set our radio up.
    Keep the good work.

      1. It will be online, it will play Rock/Metal/Punk music and news around those genres.

        I am the one administrating all the has to do with online services.

        The radio itself is on the “egg” phase as we like to call it, and your videos and podcast has brought many ideas and improvements, we both thank you.

        1. That’s a great music genre Erick.

          I wish you the best with getting up and running. I’ll be excited to hear more as you progress. Thanks for taking the time to comment back 🙂

  2. thank you guys loved the podcast with both of you on.
    Hmm what is stopping me from do my own podcast?

    Fear of letting myself down in one sense, Radio has always been a passion for me but also has remained for the want of a better word a hobby, my background has and for all of my working life has been within the building industry since my accident radio has become more prominent in my life so I am still learning day by day with the industry.

    And Confidence, it’s like starting life all over again but with bigger obstetrical in the way such a more up to date younger generation.

    yes I would love to be sucessful within the industry you guys are right being a presenter is not going to earn me lots of money, the program i present is automated and I am nothing more than a volunteer so my income is Nil. I cover news now and I do it because I love to do it.

    Mike to me you are my mentor as you through your tutorials have taught me Audition CS6, but as to planning and working out how to set up pod casts has always been my stumbling block.

    Anyway enuf of me mumbling, fantastic pod cast guys and as always everything in life stop’s for 30 mins a week so I can catch up with MRC.

    Best wishes

    1. Amazing comment Rob.

      I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when you talk about the fact you ‘love to do it’. That’s why many get into radio and certainly how I started out. I wanted to be on the air so much that I volunteered all my spare time as a kid at hospital radio, managed the student radio station when I went to college and did plenty of unpaid work experience at my local radio stations.

      It is true that much of the creative side of the radio industry relies on this love of radio and willingness to work for free.

      Now, with podcasting leading the way as an opportunity to get your ‘radio fix’ but without working for someone else or playing by the rules of a radio company I hope we’ll see many more passionate radio presenters leaping on the podcast bandwagon (there’s plenty of room!)

      I always appreciate your comments and you taking the time to listen Rob.

    2. Hi Rob,

      I’m convinced Mike has got wiser in this past year! He’s right, of course.

      I would add that having a definite idea of where you want to go in life is really important. This is just as relevant for your work life as in relationships, etc. Once you’ve established this direction, set yourself a deadline for when you are going to achieve the various goals.

      If you keep thinking about how you’re going to get there and take action (even if you are unsure of yourself), you’ll be amazed by how you gradually start to move towards the goal.

      Radio is great fun but the Internet offers anyone the opportunity to develop a community.

      Keep positive and good luck!

      1. Thanks Ben and Mike for your comments I’m sure I can get where I want to be given time, its kind of strange that I have moved away from normal programming to more of news, I know thee internet is the way forward again there is so much information out there its hard to find that starting point, but I’m up for a challenge 🙂

        Thanks guys 🙂 x

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