Mainstream music radio stations generally play established artists and songs that have been tried and tested with a selected studio audience. What about the new artists? Those who are waiting to be discovered, on the verge of the next big hit? How do we look for those artists? Between Spotify playlists, dedicated radio stations and iHeart Radio we have plenty of options to conduct our search for new music radio.

New Music Radio

  • Amazing Tunes is an internet radio station that plays “music you’re about to love” run by a team of web designers, media specialists musicians and marketers. The radio station was created in 2006 to share new music with a wider audience and provide a platform for unsigned artists to get airplay and showcase their talents.
  • New Music Friday UK is a popular Spotify playlist updated weekly with the latest new music releases relevant to the UK market. Although what has always make me wonder is who decides which music is good for people in the UK, which one isn’t? And the same of course goes for other countries!
  • New Music Friday is a global version of the same playlist with over 2 mln subscribers.
  • Fresh Pick Mondays is iHearts alternative to new music discovery.

Do you have any good sources of new music discovery? Let us know in the comments!


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