Free Summer Jingles & Radio Jingle Script Ideas

Why Summer is a Great Season To Listen To Radio?

Firstly, the warm weather and longer days create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor activities such as picnics, BBQs, and road trips. Radio provides the ideal background music to these activities, and listening to your favorite tunes on the radio can enhance the overall experience.

Secondly, summer is a time of festivals, concerts, and other live events, which are often broadcasted on radio stations. This gives listeners the chance to enjoy live music and performances from the comfort of their own home or on the go.

Thirdly, many radio stations offer special summer programming, including music festivals, beach party broadcasts, and exclusive interviews with popular artists. These unique and exciting programs provide listeners with a chance to discover new music and expand their horizons.

Finally, summer is a time when many people take a break from their regular routine and travel to new destinations. Listening to local radio stations in these new locations can be a great way to learn about the local culture, music, and news.

In summary, summer is a great season to listen to radio because it provides the perfect soundtrack to outdoor activities, broadcasts live events, offers special programming, and allows listeners to discover new music and cultures.

Free Summer Jingles For Your Station

We have an awesome pack of free summer jingles you can start using on your radio straight away!

Free Summer Jingles

Summer Jingle Script Ideas

If you are looking for some awesome ideas to cover you this summer, we have some EPIC ideas for your updated summer radio imaging.

  1. “Summer’s heating up, and so is Sample FM!”
  2. “It’s the season to try something new with Sample FM!”
  3. “Summer fun starts here with Sample FM!”
  4. “Tune in, turn up, and let the summer vibes flow with Sample FM!”
  5. “Sample FM – your summertime soundtrack!”
  6. “From the beach to the BBQ, Sample FM has got you covered!”
  7. “Beat the heat with Sample FM’s cool tunes!”
  8. “Sample FM – the soundtrack to your summer adventure!”
  9. “Get in the summer spirit with Sample FM – the station that brings the heat!”
  10. “Summer’s here, and so is the music you love – on Sample FM!”
  11. “Experience the sounds of summer with Sample FM – your go-to station for all things music!”
  12. “Summer nights just got better with Sample FM – the station that brings the party!”
  13. “Whether you’re hitting the beach or chilling by the pool, Sample FM has the perfect summer soundtrack!”
  14. “The sun is shining, and so is Sample FM – the station that never stops playing your favorite hits!”
  15. “Keep your summer groove going all day and all night with Sample FM – the ultimate summer station!”
  16. “Summer love is in the air, and so is the music – only on Sample FM!”
  17. “Get your summer fix with Sample FM – the station that’s always on and always on point!”
  18. “Summer is the time to let loose and have fun, and Sample FM is the station that makes it happen!”

Your Custom Radio Jingles

To make any of those scripts a reality simply head on over to our custom voice overs page. Select the voice that matches your station’s demographic and niche, copy the script, add any production values and place the order. We deliver all custom audio within 24-48 hours.


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