Izabela and I discussed internet radio station logos and movie trailer voices in this podcast with some tips from Darren Altman on how you can achieve and imitate them.

How To Make The Movie Trailer Voice

First, you have to have a good ear for that sound and be able to do a convincing American accent but it is very much applicable to a British accent as well if you want to create a British movie trailer voice over.

Second, you have to place the voice at the back of your throat. Many people talk from the front or from the top of their lungs rather than the back of their throats or the depths of their stomach. This can’t be replicated by using volume its something inside you.

Next is your mic technique. Talking closer or at a distance from the microphone produces an entirely different effect which is very audible. It’s not just about talking into the thing but if you’re close to the mic you can utilise what is known as the proximity effect wherein the natural bass will come out of your voice.

Finally, it’s important to remember that even guys with the best pipes utilise a lot of post production to get that classical movie trailer sound and bring out the richness in their voice. Better compression, EQ, a bit of pitch shift will more or less get you in the area of a movie trailer voice.

Importance Of Internet Radio Station Logos

If you will observe internet radio stations they often look to create an incredible sound. They are willing to spend money to create a great sound but often forget the importance of a well designed logo. Logos are a very important part of the radio station’s branding, it will be your investment and it will stay with you for a long time making it just as important as good audio. We live in a world where social media dominates our lives and whether you’re a DJ, radio presenter or a business owner, and you want to build your own brand, you must have a logo.

Head to our Music Radio Creative clients section to see a couple of logo samples from our DJ, radio, podcasters and business clients.

Can You Create Internet Radio Logos Yourself?

You have to start somewhere and you can do so through Photoshop or other means. But if you do it yourself, what you have to do is show it to 5 or 10 different people and ask for their honest opinion. It can be your neighbour, friend, brother, wife, or your biggest supporter but it’s important that you ask for their genuine opinion because those people will shed some light on your creation.

How Do You Get A Decent Radio Station Logo?

Take time to review your current logo and if you don’t have one you need one as soon as possible! Preferably a square one with different variations because it will not only be on your website but also Facebook, Twitter and different internet radio directories.

Izabela believes crowdsourcing is good for obtaining a logo but for me, I’ve only had bad experiences with crowdsourcing. Izabela asserts that crowdsourcing for logos is entirely different from designing a whole website because websites are harder to make and more complicated and in case of logos you are likely to get more submissions, more choice and you will lose less if it doesn’t amount to what you like.

On the other hand I think crowdsourcing is a great technological invention for making something that doesn’t require much money and you just want to finish the job. You will have to be ready for a lot of low quality submissions, and looking for the quality submissions will be harder, so it may be better to just go ahead and go for a more expensive but quality service for getting that ultimate radio station logo.

Your Feedback On The Podcast

Let us know what you think and please leave a comment. Do you agree with my thoughts or Izabela’s opinions? If you’re a graphic designer and you do a great job of designing logos let us know and we’ll be happy to consider promoting any service which is good quality and reasonably priced.