Multitrack Recording In Audacity

In this blog, I’ll show you the best way to record multiple tracks inside Audacity!Working inside the multitrack can be tricky if you are a beginner. I promise you however, it is THE most effective way to edit audio. I have explained differences between multitrack editing and waveform editing in detail here.

Recording Audio In Audacity

Providing you’ve set up all your audio interfaces correctly, start by recording your first track in Audacity.

Multitrack Recording In Audacity

To then make this into a multitrack recording, go to Tracks > Add New > Stereo Track and you can then start recording on the new track by hitting record again.

Multitrack Recording In Audacity

Now you’ve got two tracks, and you can do the same again to record another one.

Clicking play will then play all the tracks at once.

Sync Audio Files in Multitrack Session

If you want to get the tracks to sync, you can do that using the Time Shift tool in the toolbar and deleting some sections of your audio.

Multitrack Recording In Audacity

Further Audio Syncing Tips

You might want to get your latency in sync if you’re synching a lot of audio or you’re syncing to drum beats. That can be found in Edit > Preferences (make sure that you get the latency compression correct).

Multitrack Recording In Audacity

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