Audacity is a great free beginner audio editing software. In this blog, I’ll be showing you how to trim audio in Audacity easily.

First up, use the Selection tool and hold the cursor down from the start to the finish of the audio you’d like to keep.

How to trim audio in audacity

You can adjust the start or finish by simply grabbing the start or finish point of your selection with the finger of the cursor and moving it backwards or forwards.

audacity audio editing

To zoom in or out for a more precise trim, go to View in the top menu and select Zoom In or Zoom Out. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts, ctrl+1/cmd+1 and ctrl+3/cmd+3.

audacity audio editing

To remove the sections you’d like to lose, simply go to Edit > Remove Special > Trim Audio (or use ctrl+T/cmd+T). This will cut out the areas before and after the selection, leaving you just with the piece you’ve top and tailed.

audacity audio wave

Then, go to the Time Shift tool (the two arrows) and drag your selection to the start of the track, so it starts at zero seconds (but not before!).

audacity audio wave

And there you go! You should now have a nicely trimmed piece of audio that you can go ahead and save or export as you wish.

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