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Voice of the Month

Music Radio Creative’s Voice of the Month for March 2017 is Carol Lapolli! As Music Radio Creative’s Voice of the Month, all orders with Carol’s voice get her full session file as a Special Bonus – at no extra cost. 

Carol is our Brazilian Portuguese voice talent. She has a neutral accent and smooth, sophisticated, confident, professional, and warm tones. She has been featured in numerous audio books, movie trailers, video games, documentaries, and other audio for podcasts, radio, phone messages, and television.

Carol’s experience as a voice artist spans more than 20 years and she’s had many opportunities to record for both national and international clients. If you need a Portuguese voice for your next audio, Carol’s voice is ready to put her unique voice to it. Listen to Carol’s versatile Portuguese voice in her demo here:

Want to get to know Carol better? She answered a few questions about her life and work for us below:

What is your real name?

Maria Carolina Lapolli.

What is the most exciting project you EVER got to work on?

A voice over for a UNICEF video.

What is the most exciting project you worked on last year?

Two videos for Discovery Kids Channel.

Can you give us a short history of what you do?

I love my job. I love to put emotion and give to words the power to generate feelings as curiosity, comfort, joy and excitement. I have more than 20 years of experience as a voice over talent and I’ve already record to companies all over the world. . 

How did you get into voice acting?

My father is a crooner and when I was 14 to 15 years he founded an audio producer company. Some years later, I started in social communication college, with expertise in advertising. So, I start to record some jobs in his company and I fell in love immediately for this job. With practice, I conquest experience and versatility.

Who is your role model in the voice over/acting industry?

Here in Brazil, the great actresses like Fernanda Montenegro.

How do you warm up to record each session?

With concentration and absorbing the meaning of each word in the script.

Could you tell us something about you that we won’t be able to find anywhere in your CV/Website/Social Media profiles?

I’m also a mom! From a 2 year beautiful girl named Beatriz. After maternity we become more emotional, that certainly helps much in our profession.


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