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Aside from giving listeners some amazing-sounding mixes, it is very common for DJs to feature a DJ guest mix in their DJ shows. A well-made DJ jingle can help in a smoother transition from your DJ mix to the featured guest mix.

10 Scripts To Introduce A DJ Guest Mix

How do you introduce a guest mix to your DJ show? Make sure you have some well-made jingles for a seamless transition within your mixes. Start creating your DJ drops and jingles with the help of these free scripts. Don’t forget to replace DJ MRC with your own DJ name:

  • Guest mix of the week
  • Are you ready? Hold on tight as we venture into tonight’s guest mix!
  • You are now listening to the guest mix.
  • And now… time for this week’s guest mix!
  • You are listening to DJ MRC… now it’s time for this week’s guest mix!
  • This is the guest mix… you’re listening to DJ MRC!
  • It’s time for another guest mix… with some of the most celebrated DJs on the planet. Feel it… love it.
  • Underground DJs and the freshest new talents… up next is today’s guest mix.
  • Prepare yourself for an extra dose of DJ MRC. It’s time for our guest mix… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1.
  • With our exclusive special… guest mix of the week!

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