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If you’ve ever considered leaving radio to be a podcaster and pursue the life and show of your dreams as a podcaster what would you talk about? How would you succeed in podcasting and what are radio stations doing right when it comes to having a podcast? All this and more in the second part of an interview with personal podcast coach Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting. Listen to the interview in this podcast episode.

Start Talking And Recording Today

I was recently a guest and the fantastic START podcast, a new podcast about podcasting, hosted by Nick Seuberling. We chatted about podcast intros and what makes a great sounding introduction to a podcast, a few radio jargon terms such as stingers, IDs and sweepers and Nick put me in the ‘rapid fire’ hot seat to answer some questions about myself. It was great fun and you can listen to the podcast episode here!

World Radio Day – #worldradioday

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How To Start Podcasting

In this episode I ask Dave the questions that a local radio personality may want to ask about podcasting including:

  • I’ve been in music radio for years announcing records. What would I talk about on a podcast?
  • Do you have to be an internet marketing guru or have an established platform to succeed?
  • OK, so I’ve started a podcast, how do I go about promoting it?

Using Video to Promote an Audio Podcast

Dave promotes his podcast by using YouTube to create tutorials on how to podcast with screen captures. He talks about it in detail on this podcast episode and mentions he’s amazed at the amount of traffic he gets from links he puts in the description text under his videos. The only downside of video is that it requires your full attention unlike audio which you can listen to while doing other things.

Leaving Radio To Be A Podcaster

Most radio stations just repurpose their on air content with no real view to make money out of the podcasts they put out for free. VHS and DVDs didn’t kill the movie business but services like Spotify and Rdio are growing and could be seen as a threat to traditional radio. Dave mentions that there are hardly any personality DJs left on the radio and that most of it is a very robotic “that was, this is” style of radio. Radio’s niche could remain in sport and events that are live.

Join Dave in The School of Podcasting

You can find Dave Jackson at the School of Podcasting where you’ll find everything you need to start a podcast all in easy to consume modules. It’s constantly updated so you’ll not run in to old or out of date podcast information. As we talked about in this episode Dave will even cover questions you may not have thought of such as, “what do I need to do if I have a co-host”, “what equipment should I get to start podcasting” and so on. It’s easy to get up and podcasting and Dave is there to guide you through every step of your podcasting journey. There are plenty of videos that include Dave’s great teachings and you’ll also find out more about how to promote your podcast too.

If you want to get a taste of Dave has to offer why not check out his book More Podcast Money: Turn Your Passion into ProfitsĀ (my affiliate link) which is available to download and read on your Kindle today. Remember to leave a review!


2 Responses

  1. Hi Mike, As I was listening, I had a thought. Yes, on occasion that could be a dangerous thing but here I was wondering as someone who has started an online station and as some who podcasts, which do you prefer?

    With an online station, you could technically playout a podcast as a radio show anyway? And if the topic was for example, about music, the royalities for streaming should be cheaper than for downloads.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.


    1. In my opinion streaming radio is indeed better if you’d like to include music as the cost of licensing music for a downloadable podcast can be prohibitive. Streaming radio is a great option if you’d like to include your podcast content along with music tracks. If you’re only providing speech content then podcasting is certainly the way to go because of the on demand nature. A potential listener can select exactly what they’d like to listen to.

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