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DJ drops are not exactly something that most beginning mixers ever really think about. More often than not, they’re treated like icing on the cake, or as completely unnecessary aspects of DJing that are just best left for the pros. But, despite the lack of respect DJ drops receive from the novice crowd, there are plenty of ways that DJ drops can help you improve your mixes and help bring your beats to a new level. Here are some of the reasons why DJ drops are a must for any DJ, whether you are a professional or a casual user.

  • They announce you and market you –  If you are a beginning DJ who really wants to make it big in the world of beats, you need to make sure that people know your name. It won’t matter how sick your sets sound if no one knows who you are. A custom DJ drop that features your name will take care of the issue of being an unknown. It’s marketing that sounds great, and can be blended seamlessly into your mixes.
  • DJ drops can be mixed into just about any song – Do you need new tunes, sound effects, or jingles for your DJ beats? DJ drops allow you to experiment with new music elements. It’s not unusual to hear of DJs using DJ drops to expand their creative reach, and it isn’t even unheard of to hear of DJ’s compiling a complete mix using only DJ drops.

Using the right DJ drops will give your mixes energy

Think about how many times you have heard mixes on the radio that featured a wide variety of DJ drops. Most professional DJ’s, especially those who are frequently on the radio or live in clubs, use DJ drops to add extra energy into their mixes. DJ drops help bring the club feeling into every beat, even if you just made it using a laptop.

You can use DJ drops to seamlessly switch from one song to another

One of the more difficult things to do as a novice DJ is to switch from one song to another without that awkward gap of time that tends to make it difficult to keep dancing. Too many awkward gaps can ruin a good set, and will leave a terrible but lasting impression on people who hear it. DJ drops are the easiest tool to use to quickly and effortlessly switch from one track to another without any awkward pauses or skips in the process.

Custom DJ drops are perfect for songs that really need to be special

Sometimes, a DJ simply wants to make a one of a kind song that they can use as their trademark. You can’t make a 100% unique mix without adding in elements that are yours, and only yours. Custom DJ drops are a very easy way to make sure that the next set you have will not be reproducible by another DJ. Moreover, a custom DJ drop can be your DJ signature.

Everyone who has gotten some success in spinning their own songs has used DJ drops, and most famous DJs and rappers will agree that you can’t really get anywhere in the music industry without a couple of DJ drops in your arsenal. They are as versatile as they come, and since they can be made to order, custom DJ drops will always suit your particular spinning style. If you are just starting to mix your own songs, it’s a smart idea to get at least 4 to 5 DJ drops for your experimentation. Are you a bit more experienced? Well, you should know that the more DJ drops you have, the easier it will be to mix the next set.


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