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Sports podcast host Nick Seuberling joins Mike Russell on the Music Radio Creative Podcast to discuss how podcasting about sport can attract a loyal army of fanatical listeners. The trick is to target your own team and not try to cover every sport in one podcast! Podcasting about sport and how to start your own podcast on any topic are some of the discussion points in this episode.

Start Podcasting Workshop in London

A how to podcast course entitled ‘Voice and Podcasting’ will be taking place in London on Sunday 12th May 2013. If you’d like to be there I’ve managed to negotiate a 25% discount on tickets but only if you book before this Tuesday 12th March 2013. I’ll be presenting the keynote speech and helping you get started with your very first podcast.

Start Talking And Recording Today

I first discovered Nick through his podcast about podcasting. I got to know him at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas and recently became a guest on the Start Talking And Recording Today podcast. He even let me loose to create a podcast intro jingle for the show! You can watch how I put it together  the video below.

Nick is a podcaster, founder of the podcast network, producer of many successful podcasts and host of the ultra popular, Podcast Award nominated, WhoDey Weekly Cincinnati Bengals fan podcast and joins me on this episode to talk about the world of sports podcasting.

Sports Podcast: Manchester United vs Liverpool Podcast

Closer to home for me I discovered that Nick also has an English football podcast in his portfolio during which he links up with his friend from ‘across the pond’ Mike Smith (who lives in Kent, UK) to present a regular edition of Red vs Red.

Is Soccer A Growing Sports Podcast Niche in the USA?

There are podcasts for various ‘soccer’ teams in America including Extra Time Radio, Columbus Crew Podcast, Portland Timbers Podcast and the All American Soccer Podcast is on the SPNT podcast network. Nick mentions that it’s not all about soccer – sports podcasting is huge – but don’t try to cover every sport in one podcast go for your own team and attract an army of loyal listeners!

Top 3 Tips To Get A Sports Podcast Discovered

  • Get your podcast website well optimised for search engines.
  • Include the team name in the podcast description (but not the title for legal reasons).
  • Create a relationship with the sports team you’re podcasting about.

Legal Issues With Sports Podcasting

Nick offers up his top tips for starting a sports podcast and staying on the right side of the law in this episode. Like not having the team name in your podcast title or team logo in the podcast artwork.

Getting Multiple Callers And Guests On A Podcast

Sports podcasts can have plenty of interaction from listeners. Nick talks about using Google+ Hangouts to get fans interacting with the show and the technicalities of having more than one sound card to put multiple callers and guests to air on his podcast.

The Future of SPNT

We wrap up the podcast talking about ways to make money with a sports podcast, the future of the SPNT podcast network, the benefits of joining a podcast network and Nick offers his one solid piece of advice to anyone thinking of starting a podcast today. What did you think of the show? I’d be thrilled if you’d leave a comment or get in touch with your feedback!


4 Responses

  1. I could not disagree more about needing to pick a single team. I’ve been doing a local sports show for a few years and its been great. In fact we’ve been given accees to press conferences to various local college and pro teams and have become somewhat of an “authority” in local sports. Maybe the reason your guest didn’t have success with his general shows is because he wasn’t as well versed in the subjects he was discussing as he is with the Bengals? I don’t know, just a thought because we have had the exact opposite experience of what he described. Anyway, great episode and great guest. Can’t wait to check out his shows.

    1. Thanks for the comment Allen. Great to hear you enjoyed the show and the guest – Nick’s a great guy. I think, from what I understand, Nick was referring to starting an untargeted, broad and general sports show that covers all kinds of national and international sports. Brands like Sky, ESPN, talkSPORT and the BBC already do this very well. The way to win is to niche down to your local team or, like your doing, many different sports in your local area.

      Thanks again for listening!

    2. Allen, I agree that some folks can start a general sports show with success BUT it’s going to be more difficult to attract an audience because like Mike said, ESPN, Sky, Yahoo Sports already do it well. These companies and more importantly personalities already have built in credibility whereas me and my 3 buddies from Ohio are just some dudes sitting in the basement having fun with audio equipment. Sure we can have an opinion on sports subjects but we have no credibility. You’ve also probably been doing your show for years so you’ve built up your credibility but if you’re just starting out, it may be easier to niche down like Mike said.

      1. Cool reply Nick. I love what you’re doing and you’re right – in this competitive podcasting space with more big players getting in – it’s all about the neesh (or nitch as you say in the good US of A) 🙂

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