How Does Ai Voice Work?

What Is an AI Voice Generator?

Put simply, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) generator is a piece of software which can convert written text into human-style speech. It’s an all-in-one text-to-speech solution, and you can customise it to take into account a rich variety of genders, ages, accents and styles – plus there’s its huge potential for translation into scores of languages, allowing you to choose what best suits your target audience.

At the same time, you can change or add to your script without the need to re-record from scratch.

Here Is How It Works

AI voice generation uses advanced AI algorithms trained on voice artists to create high-quality voices which sound human. The tech does more than convert text to speech. It develops a voice to use to create engaging audio content. So it’s invaluable if you’re looking to produce top-quality voice overs in your ads, e-learning and more, while other options include social media, language teaching in real time and audiobooks – not to mention use on social media and other digital platforms. The possibilities are endless!

What’s In It For Me?

Use an AI voice generator and look forward to a number of benefits over standard editing tools, such as:

1.)    Cost-effective

It generally does save money – although we put this with caution as in general you do get what you pay for. Human voice overs who trained many years to be excellent actors will read your script a lot better than any AI voice generator will.

2.)    Automation

An AI voice generator can begin to produce content automatically once you enter the script. So you can produce a fair bit of audio content quite rapidly. This tool comes into its own for automated tasks including content narration, customer support and chatbots.

3.)    Time-saving

Thanks to AI generation, you can seriously speed up the process of audio content creation, in terms of both editing and recording, whether you’re making podcasts or voiceovers or automating customer service responses.

4.)    Consistency and Personalisation

You’ll be able to experiment with voice customisation to see what works best for your own audience. Develop a unique voice so that customers recognise your brand instantly.

5.)    Unlimited Content

Access unique script ideas through AI story generators, rather than penning a script yourself and casting actors.

6.)    Multiple Languages

As we’ve written previously, with AI generators you can create audio in your language of choice, with automatic translation, and reach audiences across the world.

Using an AI Speech Generator

There are just a few simple steps you need to go through:

1.)    Choose Your Voice

Choose from the library of voices – at Music Radio Creative, for example, we have scores from which to take your pick. Listen to a few before you identify the one you like.

2.)    Create Your Script

Devise compelling content using AI, so that it’s polished and professional. You can always add to it and fine-tune along the way.

3.)    Build, Test, Edit

Play your audio and, if necessary, edit until you are happy with how it sounds.

Finally, download and share your great audio content.

Professional Human & AI Voices

At Music Radio Creative, we can generate the voice for you, and add all the effects and production, and offer multilingual AI voices too. We’ll use the power of AI to create realistic, human-sounding speech.


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