How To Record And Insert A Voice Over In Premiere Pro

AI voices imitate human speech using deep learning, where AI turns text into speech. People often call AI voice Text-to-Speech or TTS. Voice generators are used to create a computer generated voice which sounds human like.

AI voiceover is a field that has expanded at pace in recent years. Capturing and emulating the nuances of the human voice so that artificial generated speech sounds like natural sounding speech. You can get a feel for what you can do by watching our YouTube video on Speech to Speech.

Today, new technology can adjust lip syncing in videos to match the language spoken in the audio.

AI voice is being used more in daily life, across different applications where a high quality voice is required. For example virtual assistants, GPS navigation systems, customer service settings and others.

But one aspect you may not have considered is the potential for multilingual AI voices.

What Are The Benefits of AI Voice?

Using AI voice in different languages can help you reach new audiences worldwide. It also makes it easy to translate your message into various languages and accents. This can be expand your promotional reach globally.

This can be done without losing any of the emotional depth or cultural subtleties of every voiceover you do. Instead, you’ll be making genuine connections with different audiences, regardless of where they are.

When people can communicate with businesses in their own tongue it sparks feelings of trust, loyalty and connection. Businesses now know more about what customers want, leading to higher satisfaction and customer loyalty.

You can use AI voice in different languages for jingles, dj drops, promo videos, radio ads and podcasts. Enabling you to create content that’s relevant and which a local audience can relate to. These lifelike AI voices can help you to reach new audiences with natural sounding voice without the need of voice actors.

This can enhance your brand’s reputation as a global company that can cater to a wide range of customers, demonstrating inclusivity. This can help your brand be seen as welcoming and accepting of all customers, regardless of their background or identity. By showcasing inclusivity, your brand can attract a more diverse customer base and build stronger connections with different communities. This can ultimately lead to increased brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

AI Voices at Music Radio Creative

We have multilingual AI Voices. French and Arabic are the most popular, but we also have many other languages available.

Our current catalog of AI voiceovers include Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Hindi plus Indonesian, Turkish, Tamil and Filipino. We also have realistic AI voices for all the major European languages including German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and Spanish. 

Our Eastern European ai generated voices encompass Bulgarian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Croatian, Slovak, Russia and Ukrainian. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for Scandinavian AI-generated voice, we offer Swedish, Finnish, and Danish options. We will keep updating this list. You can use our voice generator to make multilingual voices for your worldwide audiences. Simply type in the script in the chosen language.


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