Christmas time is coming very soon! In this episode Izabela and I mix things up, have a little chat about our upcoming episodes and let you hear our lovely recorded Christmas message from our MRC Family.

The Countdown To Christmas

We wanted to do something special to thank you for a wonderful year and wish you a very Merry Christmas so, on the advice of podcast listener Ron Eastwood, we’ve put together a Music Radio Creative Christmas mashup of “The Night Before Christmas”.

We also listened to audio sent in by our audience. Bob Wilson, of community radio station Ridge Radio, created a special piece for us with some festive music and wishing us a Merry Christmas in the podcast.

If you want to submit creative works to us we’re always happy to listen to them, if we like it we will play it on the podcast and we’ll link to your website, radio station or social media profile. That’s our way of giving back to you!

New Media Expo 2014

I’d like to prepare you, our listener, for our upcoming episodes. The podcast schedule will be affected slightly by our schedule and it will change a little bit over the coming weeks. We’ll be here next week to talk about New Year’s resolutions (as it will be the last friday of this year). Then, we’ll be flying to Las Vegas on January 1st for New Media Expo, the biggest new media exhibition conference in the world. Head over to the NMX website If you want to get a ticket. Get a virtual ticket if you can’t make it, but of course we’d love to see you there. If you’ll there or you’re near Las Vegas you can reach out to us – we’d love to hear from you!

After the conference we’ll be travelling in America for a little bit so it will affect our podcast schedule. There’ll be no podcast dedicated podcast in the first weeks of January 2014 but we’ll try something else and carry a remote recorder with us to make an episode on the move however the audio might not be as good as you’re used to so please bear with us.

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Let’s move on to “The Night Before Christmas”! You can watch the video we made for this on our Music Radio Creative YouTube channel.

We thought it was a great idea so we got our team together and plenty put in the time to help us come up with a nice Christmas mash up. It’s a poem that was first published anonymously on December 23rd of 1823 nearly 200 years (actually exactly 190 years) from today. Subscribe for more videos, coming soon, on the MRC channel.


We wish you a wonderful Christmas from myself, Izabela and all the team at Music Radio Creative!

Free Christmas Radio Jingles

Finally, on YouTube all this week, I’ve been creating Christmas jingles and showing you exactly how I do it. You can watch the videos here and download these free Christmas jingles here. Enjoy!