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Duke Morgan voice over talent from Las Vegas is on the first in a two part podcast about getting started in radio, voice over and breaking radio rules!

Getting Started With Voice Overs

Duke got hooked on holding and using a microphone from junior high school when he asked the principle if he could read the morning announcements. It developed from straight forward announcements into a mini radio show for the school – the rest is history. Duke talks about feeling an ‘electricity and vibe’ when he walked into his first radio station where he started out as a gopher (go for this, go for that!) There is nothing better than gaining experience in a real environment.

Duke talks in the podcast about starting out in the news department, then became an on air personality and finally segued into audio production, voice over and watched the transition from reel to reel editing to CD and then finally to mp3 and digital audio.

Duke Morgan Voice Over Discussion

We chat about how voice over casting has changed and the fact that the internet has completely changed the game for voice over talent. Having a voice that sounds out from the crowd helps you to get work in today’s new voice over business. You can do many auditions and not hear anything back so you have to become your own marketer and constantly promote yourself.

Radio Is A Personal Experience

As an on air radio personality Duke always had a different idea on how radio should sound compared to the talent managers who would often stick safely to the ‘radio rule book’. He believes that radio should be a personal experience and that you should become the listeners’ friend. Radio bosses would always instruct personalities to play the music, keep the music going and don’t interrupt the music but Duke has always believed in the power of telling stories on the air.

Listeners like your music but they tune in for personalities. The radio landscape is changing now as the younger generation have so much choice and the ability to skip from channel to channel and even listen to their own music.

The Future Of Radio

In next week’s podcast episode I’ll chat to Duke Morgan further and dig deep into the question, “what is the future of radio?” Make sure you’re subscribed as it’s going to be a great episode. Find Duke Morgan’s website and connect with him here.


8 Responses

  1. I have always been inspired by Duke Morgan, David Hayter, Morgan Freeman, David Bateson.. they all got perfect voice! No wonder I follow these legends!!

    1. Legend is exactly the correct term to use. It was a pleasure and real honour chatting with Duke on the podcast.

  2. I first got into radio in 1966 and it was personality plus and lots of fun, then the Corporate Giants with people in charge with no radio background on the air ruined the radio profession. Now it’s voice tracking, satelite and automation with little or no local live talent. Liner card radio with very little local news etc. I see very little future for people to get into radio as a career anymore. Television is where the money is and in news.

    1. Thanks for sharing the thoughts on radio Rod. You’ll enjoy the follow up episode to this one about the future of radio. It is a shame the way much of radio has gone but the good news is… there’s podcasting!

  3. Does Duke have his own podcast? If not, he should really consider it! By the way Duke, you did an excellent job on the intro for midnight mark for us 🙂

    1. Thanks! Duke is fantastic and I had a great time chatting with him on the podcast he has so much knowledge about radio, voice over, audio production and life in general. I hope I was able to bring out enough in this podcast and the follow up 😉

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