Many DJs would claim that they are the hottest DJs around and these DJs would certainly love to put this claim in their mixes. A great way to do this is to include some DJ drops that will not only enhance your mix, but also let everyone know that you are the hottest DJ out there. With the right script, you can make a DJ drop like this sound classy and hot!

10 Must-Have Scripts For The Hottest DJs

Want to shout it out that you’re the hottest DJ but can’t quite get your DJ drop right? Here are some scripts that can easily be tweaked to match any of your mixes. Just replace DJ MRC with your own DJ name and you are good to go:

  • You’re listening to the hottest DJ in any town or city, DJ MRC… blazing the hottest tracks around.
  • Get everyone ready! You’re about to be a part of the wildest clubbing experience with the hottest DJ around… DJ MRC.
  • Ladies and gentlemen… here’s the hottest DJ in his own mind… DJ MRC! In the mix!
  • You are now tuned in to the hottest DJ in town… DJ MRC.
  • So you want the hottest DJ on the internet? We got him right here for you… DJ MRC.
  • Are you ready for the hottest DJ show worldwide? This is DJ MRC… and you’re in the mix!
  • You’re in the mix with the hottest DJ… banging the hottest tunes… DJ MRC.
  • You’re listening to the dance sounds of UK’s hottest DJ… right here… DJ MRC.
  • The hottest DJ… with the hottest tunes. Close your eyes and come along for the ride… with DJ MRC.
  • Get ready everyone, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… you’re about to be a part of the best dance music mix… with the hottest DJ… DJ MRC.

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