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In this article the BBC News Magazine is asking: Whatever happened to hospital radio? It questions the future of a charitable broadcasting service that is very close to my heart.

What is Hospital Radio?

Firstly, a little background for my friends outside the United Kingdom. Hospital Radio is a set of local and individually run radio stations that broadcast to patients during a stay in hospital. Run entirely by volunteers and reliant on fund raising and generous donations the idea is to make a stay in hospital that little more pleasant with a full service radio station that will play requests and dedications for all. Many talented broadcasters started their career at a hospital radio station and it is a brilliant training ground for radio presenters who would like to work in radio full time.

The Future of Hospital Radio

It’s a sad truth of the present time that hospital radio stations are suffering as people bring their mp3 players, laptops and other media technologies in to hospital with them. I’m writing this article to raise awareness of what hospital radio stands for as I started my career at a hospital radio station and I believe they provide a much loved service.

How Can We Help?

Here at Music Radio Creative we are always keep to help Hospital Radio Stations sound the best they can! We offer significant discounts and good deals for any hospital radio station wanting to work with us. Simply get in touch and let us know what you need!


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  1. Great IdeaMike I help on Community Radio station any possibility of a package for us, money has to come out of own pockets here to and I specialize in Modern Country Music, what can you do for me please?

    1. Thanks Neil. Community radio is an extremely worthy cause! You deserve a custom package all of your own. I appreciate all the extra goodies like presenter jingles and IDs are funded from your own pocket in community radio too. Email us and we'll work something out for you Neil.

  2. All down to the NHS I will cut a long story short but when i was doing hospital radio we had to have a talk about a new place for our studio one guy said this to me “who listens to hospital radio now you can bring in an MP3 Players” I had to hold back from want I wanted to say to him

    1. Sean we need to spread the word – save hospital radio!

      Hospital radio has so much more value than simply just an on demand music service (like an mp3 player). It’s about first hand contact with the patients, giving them hope and something to look forward to during what could otherwise be a very dull stay in hospital. I remember on some of my request rounds I would be the only ‘visitor’ some patients would have in a day. Also, some of the most talented broadcasters on air today started at a hospital station. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for hospital radio my life would be completely different. I want to do everything I can to support this great service.

      Please help by tweeting or sharing this story. Thanks Sean.

  3. Great article but I have to disagree! I currently work at Coventry Hospital radio and with listening figures of over 21000 each month – there is a place for Hospital Radio! We have been number 1 in the ratings for over 13 months running ahead of all BBC TV and Radio! Great that you're donating to the HBA though!

    1. Hi Neil, not sure what you mean by disagree? The article is written in support of hospital radio and all the good work that hospital broadcasters do. Some would say that mp3 players, laptops and podcasts are killing off services like hospital radio but my opinion is that we will always need "accessible" radio be it hospital, community or even niche local internet radio. Hospital radio was a great place for me to get started in radio and I've made some life long friends there. I want to "pay it forward" and give back to hospital radio and the HBA in any way I can. Thanks for reading and commenting – I appreciate it!

    2. Very good point Neil and it's encouraging to hear those figures! Sounds like you're doing good things at Coventry Hospital Radio. Keep it up! Out of interest how do you measure your listening hours?

    3. That's great. I wish they had those units at the hospital radio station I started at! Thanks for sharing Neil.

    4. Just that you said "hospital radio stations are suffering as people bring their mp3 players, laptops and other media technologies in to hospital with them" Our listening hours are constant over the last 13 months and even before that. Love the support for Hospital radio!!! :0)

    5. Unlike most of the people on here, I started with pirate radio, and then got into hospital radio: Some of my fondest memories are as a hospital radio presenter, and I take my hat off to anyone involved with them. Well done Mike for the donations, it is very hard work raising funds to support any such venture, we have much the same problem with community radio which I currently broadcast with.
      Of course, hospital radios do have the advantage of usually having a room(s) supplied for them. and their electricity bills paid for by the hospital. Unfortunately in the community we have no such luck and at present we have to raise £5,000 per year just for the rent and the power…keep up the good work, your jingles are top quality.

    6. Thanks for the comment Tony. There will always be a demand for great quality local content and I wish you and the Ridge Radio team every success!

  4. Hello Mike , I just wanted to show my surport for Hospital Radio and congratulate you on all your surport and Hard work great idea!. I started at Hospital Radio Fox in Leicester who do an amazing job and the figures are also brilliant as do so many other station’s … I stated hospital radio to offer something back to the community and will aways be a surporter .. I was lucky enough to win female presenter of the year at the HBA awards in 2007 and went on to do professional radio and community radio … its a wonderful experience and i point anyone who wants to be on the radio to hospital radio the training i had was second to none.. commercial stations dont have the time to do that they want experience .. nothing nicer then seeing someones face light up some people dont have visitors or are loney Hospital Radio gets right in with the audience thats what makes it so special when you visit the bedside and ask them for a request . so i for one will help in any way i can to surport Hospital radios wonderful work and the HBA They have done alot for me 😉

    1. Thanks for the comment Sandy. I couldn’t agree more with your comments on the good work hospital radio stations and the HBA do!

    1. Thank you Jim. I am proud to support hospital radio. A service that has given so much enjoyment and experience to me over the years!

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