Free Radio Sweepers: Hit Music Radio Jingles

What Are Radio Sweepers?

Radio sweepers are brief audio clips lasting up to 10 seconds, pre-recorded by a voice over artist, to identify a radio station’s name plus a tagline or a short phrase.

Radio stations use radio sweepers to make the transition between songs. Sweepers also promote and clearly identify a station. An example could be ‘You’re listening to the soft sounds of Your Radio. Easy listening across the Bay Area’.

Sweepers can be voice-only (or ‘dry’), or incorporate different sound effects. (In which case they are known as ‘wet’ or ‘sonic’.) Together with drops, announcements, jingles and so on, sweepers form a part of what is known collectively as radio imaging. It’s cost-effective, makes you stand out and is a clear form of branding which makes your station immediately identifiable to listeners.

Free Radio Sweepers

Does your station play hit music? Use these free radio jingles for added flavour and excitement to your radio station!

This free download includes the following files:

  • Hit music radio – Greg
  • Hit music right now – Chelsea
  • Hit web radio – Greg
  • It’s a brand new sound for radio
  • Making you feel sexy and fresh – Sara
  • New and exciting – Helen

Grab more radio jingles, intros, and sweepers and let us customize them for you! Order quickly and easily online now or allow our audio specialist team to lead you each step of the way.

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