Free Radio Jingles: "all Day, Every Day"

Why Are Radio Jingles Important?

Radio jingles are important for radio as they help to create a strong brand identity for the station, increase their recognition and recall, engage listeners, and promote advertising messages. A catchy and memorable jingle can be a fun and entertaining way to engage listeners, encouraging them to sing along or share the jingle with others. In summary, radio jingles are a powerful tool for radio stations to create a unique identity, engage their listeners, and promote their advertisers’ messages.

Script Ideas For Radio Jingles

Here are some generic ideas for radio jingles that you can adapt for your own radio station.

  1. For a local radio station: “From the heart of our city, we bring you the best in music and news. You’re tuned in to 99.9 FM, your hometown radio station.”
  2. For a morning show: “Rise and shine with us every morning! We’ve got the latest news, traffic updates, and the best mix of music to start your day off right. Tune in to [radio station name] for your morning dose of energy.”
  3. For a sports talk show: “Get in the game with [radio station name]! Our sports talk show covers all the latest news and scores, and we bring you expert analysis and commentary from your favorite athletes and coaches.”
  4. For a music-themed hour: “Welcome to the 80s hour on [radio station name]! We’re playing the biggest hits from the decade that brought you leg warmers, big hair, and MTV. Turn up the volume and relive the glory days with us.”
  5. For an evening show: “Unwind with us after a long day at work! We’ve got the perfect mix of music to help you relax and recharge. Tune in to [radio station name] and let us take you on a musical journey.”
  6. For a weather update: “Stay ahead of the storm with [radio station name]! We’ve got the latest weather updates and alerts to keep you safe and informed. Tune in and be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store.”
  7. For a station promotion: “Listen up, [radio station name] fans! We’re giving away tickets to the hottest concerts, sporting events, and shows in town. Tune in to win and be part of the action with us.”

Free Radio Jingles

Radio jingles are a crucial part of any show. If you have an online radio station broadcasting all day long – those free radio jingles will come in very handy.

Let your listeners know that you have non-stop music for them every day – 24 hours, all day! The free radio jingles included in this download are:

  • 24 hours a day – Jill
  • All day – Robert
  • Every day – Robert
  • Every hour, every day – Jill

Get more awesome custom radio jingles, intros, sweepers and promos for your radio station from Music Radio Creative. Create your custom radio jingles online now! If you have any questions or are not sure what’s the best option for you – ask – we have a friendly team of experts who are ready to help.


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