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The internet has made a lot of things possible and easier – including broadcasting a radio station! Many of these internet radio stations are just as good as the conventional radio stations that we’re used to except you don’t need a radio to listen to one, just a device that has access to the internet. Just like traditional radio stations, radio jingles, sweepers, intros, and promos can help in making your broadcast sound even better. We have helped countless internet radio stations in taking their sound to a higher level!

10 Scripts for Impactful Internet Radio Jingles

Being an internet radio station is no excuse not to have excellent radio station imaging. Whether you are just starting an internet radio station or you have a well-established one, we can create  awesome radio jingles that will your radio station sound better. To help you get started on your internet radio jingles, we’ve compiled a few to provide inspiration for your own script. You may choose to change the italised words into your own radio station name.

  • This is MRC Radio, the hottest internet radio that every one’s talking about.
  • You’re listening to MRC Radio, the coolest internet radio in the country.
  • Decades of hits, commercial free internet radio on
  • MRC Radio, not your average internet radio station.
  • We’re taking internet radio to a whole new level… MRC Radio.
  • The best internet radio station you’ll find… MRC Radio.
  • Online 24/7… the internet radio station for everyone… MRC Radio.
  • Internet radio station MRC Radio… serving you wherever you are.
  • MRC Radio, internet radio broadcasting to Toronto and all over the world.
  • The hottest music powered by the best internet radio station… MRC Radio.

Interested In More Script Ideas For Your Radio Jingles?

Eager to take your internet radio station to a higher level? We are more than ready to work with you! Once you’re ready with your own script, choose a voice from our awesome team of talents, and our audio producers will create the perfect jingle for you. Learn more about our services here –


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