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Radio imaging, audio branding and voice overs are always going to be needed no matter how audio content is delivered. As younger audiences around the world choose to consume more podcasts and on demand music services you need to make sure that your show stands out from the crowd!

Mike Yunis and Chris Krause from the VR2 Show join me for round two of our chat on this podcast. Click here to listen to part one of my chat with Mike & Chris in which we covered how to get syndicated on the radio.

How Does a British Voice Over Sound on US Radio?

Mike and Chris mentioned how having a British voice on their nationally syndicated VR2 Show:

  • Makes it global – a radio show for the universe.
  • Brings sophistication and class.
  • Sounds different to what other radio stations are doing in the US.
  • Creates a strong and recognisable brand for the show.

The VR2 Studios

Mike has a purpose built studio in the Little Italy area of Cleveland, Ohio. Everything is run from Apple iMacs and there are absolutely no reel to reel machines in there – it’s all digitally produced. The studio has a great energy as creating the VR2 Show is a big passion for both Mike and Chris.

Podcasting is the Future

“If you’re not podcasting or web streaming your show you’ll be left in the dust”, comments Mike Yunis. These guys had a podcast and were experimenting with syndicating audio content before it was even known as “podcasting”. If you want to get heard in an ever advancing digital media world you need to stay well read on the topic. If you plan to play music make sure you look into the music licensing, as I’ve discussed before on this podcast, get syndicated on the radio and the radio stations cover royalty payments for the music you play.

Emulate real broadcasts using digital media and make your content magnetic. The young generation are all listening to podcasts, on demand music services and using the internet for entertainment – it’s the new radio!

Radio Production of a Show

Radio is theatre of the mind. Mike and Chris can have fun by sprinkling in sound effects and fun. There’s no video feed so the listener can make their own pictures. It takes hours of editing to make the show perfect but the results are worth the post production.

Global Radio Syndication

Find a sponsor in the country you want to get on air in and find affiliate radio stations that will take your content. A website is so important as it’s your shop window to the world. The attitude in the US has been that if you’re not a well known name that has been on the radio for thirty years it’s touch to get syndicated nationally. It’s similar to independent rock bands trying to emerge from the crowd – radio talent have the same challenge – to get noticed!

Next Time on the Podcast

Next week American voice over Al will join me on the podcast. Leave a comment on this episode and please remember to subscribe to the podcast using iTunes.


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  1. Another excellent show Mike. Good chat with Mike and Chris, particularly around licensing issues which is the main stumbling block when it comes to offering music based shows as a downloadable pocast. The point about getting your show syndicated so that the radio stations cover the licensing costs is an interesting one!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Mark. I really enjoyed chatting to Mike and Chris. They have a fantastic radio show! I would really like to chat to a specialist to find out the ins and outs of music licensing for global broadcasts.

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