Podcast Loudness – How To Hit Exactly -16 LUFS in Adobe Audition Audio Editing  Music Radio Creative

What Is Loudness in Podcasting?

Loudness refers to general final perceived volume of your podcast. This does not refer to the volume you play the audio on your player but the level of sound at the base of the file. You want to make sure that all episodes sound the same when played on volume 10 of your player for example. So that the end listener doesn’t need to switch the volume up and down.

Official Loudness Standard

There is this “agreed” level of -16 LUFS. This is what all podcasters should aim for. As there is no overarching podcasting institution there is nobody to truly set the standard. This level was agreed by many podcasters already and continues to be followed as an “agreed” standard.

How to Set Podcast Loudness to -16 LUFS Inside Adobe Audition

Here is a simple guide to follow for post production inside Adobe Audition.


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