Free Vinyl & Turntable Sound Effects

What Are Vinyl Sound Effects?

Characteristic vinyl noise, scratches sounds, vinyl crackle sound effect – all describing the same end FX. It’s the effect of a stylus being dragged across and off the record disk. Great for abrupt end to a DJ mix tape or a radio jingle. This is one of the most popular sound effects requested by DJs in 2022!

What Does a Scratched Vinyl Sound Like?

Most of the actual scratches are produced using “white noise”. The small proportion are actual snaps, crackles and pops. The sound of a phonograph needly coming to a sudden stop has long been associated with “call to attention”, immediate attention grabbing.

Free Vinyl Sound Effects

Vinyl and turntable have long been popular amongst DJs and radio stations. We have a package of royalty free sound effects that will help with your audio production efforts. Provided to you on Royalty Free basis and featuring effects from our full Vinyl & Turntable Sound FX Pack.

Looking for bigger variety? Look no further! Our full package has 50 high quality sound fx available to you on royalty free basis. DJs LOVE DJ Drops with vinyl sounds and scratches added on. It produces that perfect combination of attention grabbing and audio branding. Win – Win!

Vinyl and Turntable Sound FX Pack

Looking for more? We have a great pack of sound effects for you to use. Check them out now!


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