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How Do You Get Your Listeners Ready For The Party?

DJs love to entertain their audience and give them a good time. Getting them ready for your DJ mix is part of it. DJ drops and jingles can do an excellent job. We make all kinds of jingles and often provide free DJ drops – DJs are among our favourite clients. An amazing DJ drop to get your listeners ready is something we can do for you too!

Where To Get Free DJ Drops?

If you’re interested in what we can do for you but unsure of ordering, we have free DJ drops for you to try out. Here are some that you can put in your DJ mix to help you get your listeners ready:

  • Are you ready? – Al
  • Are you ready to turn it up!? – Helen
  • Get ready for this! – Al
  • Give your attention to your DJ! – Amie-Ellen

Like these DJ drops and want some more?

If you think you’re ready to order, let’s work together and create something especially for you! Learn more about our DJ drops, jingles, and intros and see how we can help you next.


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