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Do You Play The Hottest Tunes?

DJs love to give their audience the best time and this usually means playing the hottest tunes for them. When creating their mixes, DJs carefully choose the songs and tunes they will include to make sure that they come up with an awesome mix. The best DJs are those who successfully put together songs and tunes that their listeners would love to groove to.

Why Use DJ Drops?

In making awesome mixes, choosing the right DJ drops to put all the best tunes together is just as important. You want your DJ jingles to blend and stand out at the same time – a tricky skill to master. DJ drops are like icing on the cake – they provide the perfect finish to your DJ mix and a DJ mix is just not complete without them.

Free DJ Drops

Here are a few DJ Drops to go with all the hottest tunes in your mix, featuring Mike’s popular voice:

  • The hottest tunes, the hottest DJ version 1
  • The hottest tunes, the hottest DJ version 2
  • This is

Want Custom DJ Drops?

Do you have something more specific in mind? We’d love to make something especially for you! We’ve worked with thousands of DJs from across the globe and it would be our pleasure to work with you too –


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