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What Is A Podcast Intro?

Podcast intro is the very first thing your listener is likely to hear when tuning in to your podcast. It is usually 30-60 sec long and it’s aim is to introduce the show and the host. Some podcasters use a theme music, others also utilise the voice over to communicate key messages.

Why Is Having A Podcast Intro Important?

The start of your podcast is very important in setting the tone for your listeners. It is best to make sure you grab your listener’s attention right from the start – human attention span is very short and listeners tend to keep listening if engaged from the beginning.

Free Podcast Intros

At Music Radio Creative we aim to showcase our services and often provide free jingles for you to use in your podcast. In this download you will get the following 3 jingles with our top talent:

  • Here is your host – Rebecca
  • Presented by – Rebecca
  • Strap yourself in, because we’re set up, switched on, and ready to go (Greg)

Need Custom Audio Branding?

We specialize in making amazing sound for podcasters. Some of the top podcasters in the world use our services. Can we help you? http://www.musicradiocreative.com/podcasters


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