Audio Industry News - April 2023 Roundup

This year, the audio industry continues to experience growth and innovation in several areas. From new audio tool upgrades to industry events, there are many exciting updates to look forward to. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the latest audio industry news this April 2023.

YouTube Podcast Feature

Podcasting has been rapidly growing and streaming platforms like YouTube has been more accommodating to host this type of content. Earlier this year, YouTube introduced the podcast feature on their channel.

With this new update, podcasters can upload their episodes to their YouTube channel and can tag them as a podcast. This way, YouTube can feature the video on a specific channel for podcasts ( and on the YouTube Music app. In addition to that, those videos can get special podcast badges and are eligible for official search cards.

Overall, this new podcast feature on YouTube is worth checking out as a content creator. Not only does it can help us reach a wider audience, but it is also helpful in generating more revenue and gaining valuable insights about our audience.

Adobe Audition 2023 Update

The second on our list on Audio Industry News this April 2023 is Adobe Audition version 23.3. Adobe’s professional audio editing software, Audition, has been updated with three new helpful features. These are the clip markers in multitrack, variable playback speed, and copy or paste effects from the effects rack.

I made a separate blog post explaining these three updates. In general, these new features are worth checking out as they will literally save you hours of editing. If you haven’t updated your Adobe Audition software, now you should.

Creators are Moving to DaVinci Resolve

Over the past months, prominent content creators like Peter McKinnon, Kold, and Sara Dietschy announced that they are ditching Adobe Premiere Pro for Davinci Resolve.

If you are not familiar, Davinci Resolve is an editing software owned by Black Magic Design. It is dubbed as the world’s only solution that combines editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics, and audio post-production in one software tool.


There are a few reasons mentioned why these creators prefer Davinci Resolve. It includes stability, speed, features, and pricing. While I personally didn’t try this software, I was impressed by the audio features that were mentioned by Sara Dietschy. It makes me want to have a closer look at this editing tool.

How about you, have you tried using Davinci Resolve?

The Podcast Show 2023

The next news is what I’m most excited about. The Podcasts Show 2023 will take place at the Business Design Center in London on the 24th – 25th of May 2023. This is the biggest international event for the business of podcasting.

Music Radio Creative will be representing and will have a very own stand. In addition, I, Mike Russel, will have a talk about revolutionizing podcast creation.

If you want to meet other podcasters, mingle with the Music Radio Creative team, and listen to informative talks such as how to make AI to your advantage, get your tickets now for the Podcast Show London 2023.

Introducing RadioGPT

The last on our list on Audio Industry News this April 2023 is the introduction of RadioGPT. If you use and like ChatGPT, then you might find this new interesting.

RadioGPT is an AI-driven radio technology that is developed by a company called Futuri. This AI tool can do a lot of things such as broadcast voice and music, find local news stories, and create social media posts. Moreover, it can also replicate the voice of existing radio hosts, which sounds scary to me.

Anyway, if you are a digital creator and want to implement AI in your content creation process, you might want to check out this new AI tool.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, April 2023 has shaped up to be an exciting month for the audio industry. Platforms like YouTube are introducing new features to accommodate podcasts. Editing tools like Adobe Audition are making updates that are helpful for editors. Moreover, AI-driven tools like RadioGPT are on the rise to help make content creation easier. And finally, the biggest international event for podcasters is happening next month.

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