What Do You Call a Radio Personality? Radio radio personality Music Radio Creative

This may seem like a straight forward question with an easy answer and possibly even a few comical replies. Did you know that on-air radio personalities are known by completely different names around the world?

Radio Personality

Radio personality, for example, is a very North American way of referencing a person who presents radio shows. Radio presenter is the accepted name in the UK and this is the title you’ll see when job vacancies are advertised to the UK radio industry. Hop to the other side of the pond and in the USA or Canada you’ll receive a blank stare if you announce that you’re a radio presenter. Radio host, radio announcer or radio personality would be the accepted terms of reference.

DJ vs Radio Personality

Those on the radio often prefer not to beĀ referredĀ to as DJs (even if they’re presenting music radio shows) the correct term would be radio broadcaster. Radio jockey is an interesting term that originates from India. They do not have radio hosts or radio presenters in India, if you’re on the air, you’re a radio jockey!

Radio Jingles For Great DJs

Radio presenters often need to go and get their own jingles (especially on smaller stations or internet radio). If you are looking to add a sparkle to your show – you have found just the right place. Check out our pre-made radio jingle packages that can be customised with your own station name or presenter name.


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