Free DJ Drop – Taking You To Deeper Depths, and Higher Heights DJ Drops  Music Radio Creative

This DJ drop will bring your DJ mixes to a whole new level. Use our deep movie trailer style voice talent to take your listener to deeper depths and higher heights while maintaining the flow of your mix. Download voice only and voice with a flanger style vocal effect together in this package.

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If you are looking for a custom solution to your mixes – get in touch! We have pre-made packages for those on a budget as well as fully custom DJ drop solutions. With 160+ voice artists, multiple languages and amazing customer service you will not find a better offer for custom DJ drops.


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  1. Hello Mike and Izabela. I purchased a Sticker jingle. I think that’s what it is called, today on Friday Free Jingle and Mike also did a cool free voice jingle for me. I downloaded it, but everyone else’s is on it as well. How can I only get the jingle for me?

    1. Yes that’s correct Emani, we upload one large session with all jingles, you need to edit it out yourself 🙂

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