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FREE Movie Trailer Voice For You!

Duke is undeniably THE movie trailer voice. He voices projects for big movie theatres, festivals, events as well as some of the biggest brands in the world. Behind the mighty voice stands a very approachable personality. Duke has worked with us since 2012 and recorded hundreds of projects for our clients. Mike and I had a pleasure of meeting Duke in person in Las Vegas a few years back. He is one of the nicest and most down to earth people you can imagine. It’s often easy to forget that there are real people behind the demos you hear and cartoons you see. If you would like to learn more about Duke and his work listen to the episode Mike and I recorded a few years back on our podcast.

Duke Demo

Duke Has Free Audio For You!

We have put together a small sample of free voice overs from Duke for you to use freely in your projects. If you are looking for anything more – simply contact our team for a quote.

What’s Included in the Free Download?

Duke Freebies

Are you looking for a movie trailer voice? Check out our voiceovers here.


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  1. Duke Morgan, although he has a nice vocal instrument, ruins it all with his puking style. Some clients like puking though, but if he learned to leave it at home, he would sond much better.

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