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Today we have an amazing guest. Her name is Fei Wu from feisworld podcast, and she’s a Senior Digital Producer at Arnold Worldwide. She’s had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients including: SAP, Wellington Management Corporation, Fidelity, Reebok, IBM, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Timberland, SDL, American Eagle Outfitters, the University of Phoenix… the list goes on and on!

Fei received her B.S. in Computer Science and Math from Northeastern University. She has lived, worked and studied both in China and the United States. She speaks and writes English and Mandarin Chinese with native proficiency (for a year, she worked as a bilingual DJ at China National Radio). Apart from all this, she’s earned a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and enjoys painting, calligraphy, yoga.

Top Quotes from Fei:

  • “Every time I release an episode, the phenomenon is that it’s a celebration of one’s life.”
  • “We are living in the age where it’s not about gifts, like physical products, anymore. It’s about the purchase of an experience; really immerse yourself and learn as much as possible.”
  • “I thought I was going to be a professional hockey player! This was after my dream of becoming a martial artist (which I still do, obviously) and becoming a professional skateboarder.”
  • “I do fail at something a little bit every day. In terms of big, big failures, I don’t think I ever looked at life that way.”
  • “I wish earlier on my career, I shouldn’t have doubted myself so much, and trusted my instinct and start doing something along this line in my early 20s.”
  • “It’s not really failure but fear that we all had.”
  • “One of my favourite questions to ask all my guests: What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?”
  • “Relax. Trust your instinct and know that the sky is really limitless.”
  • “Absorb the experience you have right then and there, and don’t worry so much, because your fear and your worrying will limit yourself from accomplishing the next big thing.”
  • “Be gentle, love and care about yourself a little bit more.”


Key Timestamps:

  • 00:33 Guest introduction
  • 02:37 Starting out as a podcaster
  • 07:45 Favorite tools & resources to create the show
  • 11:10 How Fei conducts her podcasts interviews
  • 12:02 What inspired Fei to do what she does
  • 17:35 The reason why Fei went to the U.S.
  • 21:25 Fei’s biggest learning experience
  • 22:55 A favorite question Fei asks her guests
  • 24:07 Advice to a 20-year-old Fei Wu
  • 25:30 More from Fei Wu

Fei Wu Wants to Hear from You!

Visit her at feisworld podcast and comment on what type of topics and questions you want to hear. She loves to engage and wants everyone to know that initiatives like Music Radio Creative provides the opportunity to learn about other people. You can also check her out on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

Stay Tuned…

Did you listen all the way until the end to receive our special offer? 🙂 Next week we’ll be talking to Nicholas DiMeo. He’s a really cool tech guy! He’s kind of on the Windows side, but we won’t hold that against him because he knows his stuff!

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  1. Wonderful experience interviewed by Music Radio Creative! Thanks guys and keep up with the good work helping artists / listeners / podcasters continue to explore and express themselves.

    1. I really enjoyed listening to this episode Fei and Kyran. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and words of encouragement! 🙂

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