How To Remove Audio From Video In Premiere Pro

Welcome to my latest blog! In this one, I’m showing you how to remove audio from video using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Removing Audio Can Be Useful

Start in your Premiere Pro sequence with video and audio. Where this can work best if you have lots of B-roll that you’re trying to drag in, and you don’t want the audio to be there.

Helpful Shortcuts

Generally, if you were going to delete something in Adobe Premiere Pro, you’d select it and hit DELETE. However, if you do that in this case, it’ll delete both the audio and the video. Which is not the desired outcome.

But, by holding down the ALT / OPTION key, you can select audio only and hit DELETE, and that will remove the audio only.

Another way to do it is to simply right click and unlink the clips to make audio separate and then delete it. However, every time you bring in the video clip, it will bring the audio with it.

Best Method When Working With B-Roll

If you’re working with B-roll and you don’t want the audio in there, do the following:

  • First, double-click on the video clip to the bottom left
  • Then you’ll have the option to bring in the video by dragging the video from the top right of the screen into your sequence. You can also do the inverse and drag the audio only into your sequence.

ALTERNATIVE: One more way to do this, that’s really easy if you’re importing lots of B-roll, is to switch off A1 and then every time you drag a clip over, you’ll only get the video and not the audio. Do remember to switch that back on after though!

And that’s a few different ways you can remove audio from video in Adobe Premiere Pro!

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