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We’ve previously written about Clubhouse. Great tool that allows users to locate, listen to and participate in conversations between groups of people. On just about anything under the sun. Launched in March last year, initially on iPhone and by invitation only, the audio-only chat app went semi-viral earlier this year. You no longer need an invitation to join, while Clubhouse was extended to Android users this May. 

Clubhouse Payments Explained

The app is now allowing users to send money to their favourite audio creators (or speakers). This form of ‘direct monetisation’ will allow creators to receive direct payments via the revenue and ad-free platform. It’s the first revenue-generating feature for creators. 

And the way Clubhouse Payments works is pretty straightforward. Users simply go to the profile of the creator to whom they wish to transfer funds for any reason. As long as the creator has enabled the feature, it’s quick and easy to do. Just click on ‘Send money’ and enter the amount you wish to transfer. When you first use Clubhouse Payments, you’ll need to register a debit or credit card. 

Unlike the peer-to-peer payment app Venmo, it doesn’t have the facility to include a personalised message with the payment. 

Innovative And Creator Driven

During the release Clubhouse explained that, crucially, the creator will receive every penny of each transaction made, while the sender will be charged a modest processing fee. 

“This will go straight to our payment processing partner Stripe,” the post continued. “Clubhouse itself will take nothing.” 

(However, the feature will no doubt be one way for the platform to hang on to its top creators.) 

The new feature means that you can receive a tip for broadcasting an excellent show. While the app itself may reward you for being an excellent and returning host. You can now also use Clubhouse to raise funds for a good cause. 

The blog post added: “From our earliest days, a guiding principle has been to build a platform that puts creators first. We want to build community, audience and impact. As we continue to scale, it’s important to us to align our business model with that of our creators – helping them to make money and thrive on the platform.” 

Initially tested on a small group, the scheme was rolled out to other users across the platform after feedback had been received, allowing Clubhouse Payments to be fine-tuned. 

4 Ways To Utilise the Clubhouse Payment Feature

  • Organise a fund raiser towards a cause or a charity that your podcast/you support.
  • Encourage your listeners to pop into Clubhouse for the extra bonus content after every episode and “tip” if you enjoyed the show. “Get me a cup of coffee” could work very well here!
  • Fundraise for a specific podcast upgrade. This could be a new microphone, software/hardware that will make listening experience even better or simply fundraise towards new audio branding for your podcast. Set small, easy to achieve goals that will make your audience feel part of the show.
  • Improve the overall sound of your audio and fundraise towards the cost of professional podcast editing services.
How Audio Creators Can Get Paid On Clubhouse Branding clubhouse Music Radio Creative

Upcoming New Clubhouse Features 

Clubhouse, which currently runs on venture capital, describes its payments feature as “the first of many” enabling direct payments for creators via the app. It continued: “We’re excited to see how people use it, and are working hard to help members of our community grow and thrive.” 

Other features the app is reportedly considering include ticketed events, branding deals, clubs and a subscription model for creators. 

Within a year of launching, Clubhouse’s weekly user base leapt to more than 10 million. At the end of 2021, it was reportedly valued at $1bn. Meanwhile, app analysis firm Sensortower says the platform has been downloaded more than 34 million times. 

And while there are some indications its popularity may now be on the wane, Clubhouse remains a force you can’t ignore and an opportunity to earn. 

At Music Radio Creative, we produce audio content from podcasts to jingles, and could help you be part of the Clubhouse conversation, potentially opening up a further revenue stream. Get in touch today!


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